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'01 sv650s for sale?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by tequilab0b, May 15, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if anyone knows who is sell the '01 sv650s in Pullman? I saw it Saturday at Dissmores but didn't right down the phone number. I believe the name was Ryan. I looked in the paper and such and couldn 't find it. Just curious if someone knows and could get me his number and such.
  2. Hey -

    So I saw that as well, and I am not sure if it's the same guy.... but I have a friend that I rode with earlier this year, named Ryan, with pretty much that bike - I saw it too and it made me wonder - and he was talking about possibly selling it and getting dirt bikes again.....

    this guy's number is either home: 509.334.7608 or cell: 425.231.0292

    But like I said, not sure if that's his bike, but it might be. So if you give him a call, let him know Maria gave you the numbers. Good luck!


  3. A buddy of mine spied the same bike and told me about it. I, too, am interested in whose it is and details on it. I'll see if it's there after I run some errands today.
  4. If that one doesnt work out there is one for sale in the Wheel deals in spokane, you can find it searching under suzuki on

  5. Trixie-

    Thanks for the numbers. It was him who is selling the bike. Just hope I can figure out my finances before he gives up on selling and takes it to a dealership.
  6. SHIT! Congrats dude. I went out riding with Ryan right before you got it, at like 230... he was REALLY reluctant to let it go. You got a STEAL!
  7. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    yeah, you did... there's a 2002 SV650 at the yammy dealer in moscow for 5000
  8. Yeah I felt it to be a good deal. When I first talked to him he said he just really needed the money. Called him back a week later and said the lowest he would go was $3000. He was about to take it to a dealership he had said so he prolly got a little more from me than a dealer. Plus I got all the main goodies I was going to have to buy anyway (helmet, jacket, cover) except the helmet is a small and according to sizing charts I should wear a large. Oh yeah, the '02 in Moscow is $3900 (was over there today to get a new screen for the helmet since it was broke on one side and when I looked over my shoulder to change lanes the wind caught it and took it all the way off).

    and thanks for the numbers again!
  9. If the helmet doesn't fit you right... i might be willing to take it off your hands... it matches my bike perfectly as we discovered yesterday.