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Featured '05 GSXR 600 running rich??

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Time2Ride, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. 2005 GSXR 600 w/ 14k miles. Completely stock except for a Yosh RS-3 can.

    Ran fine on my way to work, then when I went to start it after work it started acting up.

    Symptoms include:

    * idle is rough

    * plugs were/are jet black (replaced them only to have the new set get fouled)

    * when idling in nuetral if I rev the engine its dies on the way back down

    * while riding it will backfire flames out the exhaust, and surges power. by surging power I mean, Ill give it gas and it will start to pull, then cut out, then start to pull again, then cut out, then pull, etc....

    *black smoke coming from exhuast, when I rev engine.

    Dealer mode is showing no errors, C00.

    I've changed the plugs, air filter, battery, checked all connections, drained fuel and added different gas, adjusted the tps sensor, swapped ECU's, and I think thats about it.

    Now I'm stumped. What else would cause the bike to run rich? Anyone had this problem?
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  2. Codi


    Have you figured it out yet I'm having the same issues

  3. Although some of your symptoms don't apply, I had a problem with my ZX-14 violently surging and bucking, feeling as though the ignition was cutting out and in. Rather than it being an ignition problem, it was due to a clogged fuel strainer integral to the in-tank fuel pump. It may be that a portion of your problem is due to a clogged fuel strainer.

    If you find it is a clogged fuel strainer, as a temporary fix, you can remove it from the fuel pump and clean it with brake cleaner and a toothbrush. Single replacement P/N 15420-24FB0 strainers are ~$5 on eBay, MUCH less than the $55 for the OEM strainer. Better yet, buy a package of several for not much more.
  4. If either Time2Ride or Codi determine and resolve your problem, do post your findings.
  5. Surely, one of you must have resolved your issues by now. Post up and let us know what was causing the problem.
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  6. I hate it when the ends don't get tied.....
  7. how bad is the smoke?? is it a dense cloud? a barely perceptible puff? what does it smell like? usually BLACK (if its deep) means oil. white is agua. maybe do a compression check. you know how many and what type of miles are on the bike? commuter? racer? doing wheelies from anacortes to yakima? is a gsxr :p
  8. diagnosing stuff via written word.. know anyone who can tinker and owes you a life debt?