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100* on thursday and friday.

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by blizanthimum, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Anyone got an airconditioned room I can rent/borrow to sleep in those two nights?
  2. Gosh tell me about actually on my way back from 2 months in North Carolina (we had ac) but now I'm coming home to the same temperature, except no AC here....sigh...oregon where is my cooler weather!~!

  3. Friday morning I am heading for the coast, three day ride.
  4. I am going to play in the water... :)
  5. I have 2 window AC units still in stock at the pawn shop. Both are excellent condition and have wireless remotes. One is a 12k btu and the other 10k. $169 & $149. Continental Loan across the street from Pro Caliber behind the DQ.
  6. So.much. heat.... Must.refrain.from. squidding....

    It's too damn hot to be atgatt. I guess I won't be riding :(
  7. Its even 92 right now in Cougar!
  8. lol, pussies. Its been a 100+ for weeks here.
  9. Three months from now you guys will be whining about how it's 33* and raining.


    HTFU and go for a ride!

  10. i love the heat and hate the cold. my problem is i cant sleep in the heat.
  11. and my crap student housing dont have AC.

  12. Waaaaahhh. My house doesn't have AC, you don't see me whining like a little girl cause it's gonna be hot. I just open the windows, turn on the fans and nut up and take it like a man. :stir:

    Sucks, but that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Or turns you into a bigger baby.
  13. You could come with my club ride, we leave Friday morning for the coast, then the next day we will go over to Crater lake and the night in Bend, then Sunday we come home. Leisurely 840 mile ride........227 is a very fun road.....I'm just sayin'....
  14. Nice and cool here. Watch out for rv's and boat haulers this weekend. I'm sure they'll be out in force clogging up the 101.
  15. I will be avoiding Tillamook this time through and go strait to Lincoln city then south quickly before it turns to hell.

    That and were leaving on Friday morning.
  16. We don't have ac but I did buy one at target for the bedroom so we could sleep at least, it was only like 150. All you need really....And I am not usually a squid but with triple digits and only going to work ~10 miles the jacket comes off, still wear my other gear. I know some of you will still disagree even if only a short ride only on the hottest days, but I don't like to be drenched when I get to work. Today was the first of the year, the guy that flew by me weaving through the traffic also in a t shirt but shorts, sandals and no gloves made me feel a little better.
  17. Ride with what you wanna ride in.

    I just don't want people to cry if I died due to no gear, nor will I cry if they die over having no gear.
    Atleast, if the gear would have saved them.
  18. Whats the problem its been 72 degrees or colder in my house for the past few months... Gotta love my sweet little window units and paying the builder for extra insulation in the walls and attic keeps heat in and cold also. My house is much cooler that others in my neighborhood. If it makes anybody feel better I'll be over in the sand box in a few weeks until the end of the year.
  19. this....