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12' Triumph Street Triple vs. 15' Yamaha FZ-07

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Sam Fisher, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently in between motorcycles and need advice because I cannot make up my mind.

    I am essentially stuck between two motorcycles. The first is a 2012 Triumph Street Triple and the second is a 2015 Yamaha FZ-07.

    Both motorcycles have approximately 3,500 miles with a single owner, however, the Triumph is being sold by a private party and the FZ-07 is sold by a local dealership. I would be paying (out the door) $5,900 on the Triumph and $6,200 on the FZ-07. I have spoken with both sides and that is their bottom dollar.

    I have done hours upon hours of research into both bikes and cannot decide a clear favorite as the Triumph is a little bit more powerful (but has some minor issues along the way) and the FZ-07 is one of the most fun bikes to ride around town.

    Please help me decide as it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I test rode the Street Triple R (I think a 2015 model? Maybe 2016?) among other bikes before ultimately purchasing my FZ-07. Here is a wall of text with my thoughts on the FZ haha

    Quick Comparison:
    - On the street triple, my arms were tired after only 6 or 7 minutes in that riding position. Definitely more sport oriented
    - Street triple felt a bit heavier
    - Street triple was more expensive (both list price and aftermarket parts)

    My FZ-07 Promotion:

    The FZ IMHO should be added to the list of the 7-wonders of the world. It is cheap, has a great engine, plenty of aftermarket, good MPG, very easy to ride, and fast (enough).

    The FZ is a blast to ride around town and up to about 75mph. After 75mph, it tends to wind down relatively quickly. You can top out around 120mph but you lose the raw torque you get from 0-75mph. Some may argue this is a downside, however I think it is a plus because you get to go fast and have fun while using all of what the bike has to offer, vs. something with more power & higher revs like the street triple or an inline-4 600cc sporty where you have to go 80mph+ to really feel like you are getting all the power out of the bike. The FZ has torque almost like an electric motor (it is very evenly spread throughout RPMS until you get to a couple thousand below redline). I race my friend on his CBR 600 and I'll beat him from 0-40mph, and he'll catch up to me by about the time we reach 65mph, and then pass me from there when he switches into second gear. So the FZ is plenty fast.

    I can get 56mpg on my FZ if I drive like grandma. "Casual" riding is around 47-48mpg. "Harder" commuting gets me around 43-44mpg, and really cranking it out gets me about 40mpg. I don't think I've ever gone below 40, which is pretty considering I'm ~250lbs with gear on that bike and a tall guy.

    FZ crossplane twin is one of the best sounding bikes I've heard with a good exhaust other than a V4. It sounds like a much bigger bike than it is.

    If you enjoy modding, the FZ-07 is a perfect bike. The tank panels and side-seat panels are all actually plastic, and you can pretty much change the entire color of your bike for ~$300 for brand new plastics. Other parts I've noticed are relatively cheap and there is a big market for used FZ-07 OEM parts and aftermarket parts. I also like that I don't have to worry about messing up a $12k bike when messing around with my FZ and it has allowed me to mod/learn a lot more.

    Anyway, congrats if you read it all. Here is a vid of how my FZ looks right now:


  3. However I will say $6200 for a 2015 FZ-07 USED is a complete ripoff IMHO. I've seen people get them out the door brand new for under $7k. No way you should pay that much.

    Edit: Quick check of craigslist... 2015 with 1500 miles for $5500 and already has exhaust/LED turn signals. Skip the dealer price and get something more along the lines of this.