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150,000 possible badass motorcycle haulers are about to be available

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Avboden, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Deadline for submissions for replacing the Grumman LLV is next month. Puts us two years out from almost every mail truck in the united states getting retired and replaced.

    Plenty of room for a bike in one of them, front wheel might *just* go through the opening into the drivers compartment where mail usually gets pushed up to anyways. The back usually has fold down tables even!

    Based on the chevy S10, so shouldn't be too incredibly difficult to get one easily able for highway speeds. They've got a GM 2.5L 4cylinder (iron duke) easy to fix/build up, plenty of other transmissions should fit on one.

    Tell me this just isn't begging for a motorcycle and some tools to be stuck in the back for a track day. 1000pound cargo capacity.

    that is, assuming they could be licensed for private use....

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  2. Looks like an awesome idea! I know of a VW Eurovan that got converted to a bike hauler.

  3. I much prefer a trailer so I can drive my nice comfortable brand new f150 instead of a beat to crap old mail truck lol. But I see how it could be used for hauling a bike I just don't see why anyone would. You can pull a bike trailer with anything.
  4. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    That would be awesome!
  5. That's very would basically just be for ease of use for short distance trips, obviously you wouldn't haul a bike cross-state with it but say you have a track within an hour of you, just toss it in and go, no need to hook up a trailer, gather things, etc. it could all be right there.

    Also, because I like building stuff, it would be a fun project and ideally pretty cheap.
  6. Id never get used to driving from the wrong side thing.
  7. Because it takes so long to hook up a trailer? Keep your track stuff in it, no need to "gather things." Plus insurance and tabs on a trailer are cheaper, less maintenance, etc.
  8. Everyone has different needs, plus there are some people who simply cannot manage driving with a trailer. I can't see hooking up a trailer to my lowered Golf. I would need to buy something else to pull a trailer, and a trailer. Something like this, if cheap enough, might be perfect. Irrelevant right now as I don't have a track bike or a dirt bike, but I'd like to somewhere down the line.
  9. I traded my Lancer Evo for a Toyota Tacoma in December because well track addicted.
    Last year (August 2014) while attending my first track day I saw a dude bring his two bikes in a minivan. I thought it was a bit wild hah.
  10. Who's going to steal an old postal truck, versus, a bike on a trailer: out of sight, out of mind...
  11. Right?

    Oh and there's a VW Eurovan on CL for $400 right now. Being a VW tech, I think one of those will probably become my toy hauler someday.
  12. I can see it...

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  13. A minivan, huh? Interesting idea! I've been daydreaming about something with a low deck to haul bikes. Something that wouldn't require towing a trailer. A minivan hadn't crossed my mind, but it's actually not a bad idea! :mrgreen:
  14. I have thought about getting a surplus 'bigger' version a couple of times but a trailer serves 'dual purpose' so will stick with that. Plus I can stick the trailer out of the way where I would not be able to do that with a vehicle.
    The Nissan mini haulers are pretty cool with the tall roof, but $$.
  15. I'd laugh my ass off if I pulled up to the track and there were a bunch of mail trucks parked there.
  16. Av, I tried to click on your link, but it's not working.
  17. I can't see you driving a minivan. :shock:

    It's been done with the Dodge/Mercedes Promaster/Sprinter.

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  18. +1
  19. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    It's a bit too short for hauling bikes, don't you think?

    This is why I have an old truck. Aside from initial purchase price and gas, it costs around $200/year to insure, maintain, and fix when something goes wrong. Aside from transporting bikes, it pulls a boat, haul stuff for work around the house, and family and friends borrow it too, which means that I rarely fill mine up as people that borrow it mainly take care of gas. :)
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