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2 things: ride weds. and/or fri. & WTB 9mm

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by TheSumoBear, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I have Wednesday and Friday off this week and am looking to ride both days. So if anybody is down to ride get at me :)

    Also, I'm looking to buy a 9mm pistol for the girlfriend for Christmas. Was mostly thinking going new, but good used would be nice too. Cuz guns iz spendy :/

    And I know theres a member or two on here that knows her, and to you I say keep your damn blabber mouths closed. It's a suprise! Haha. Thanks.
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  2. I have to work both days, so the answer to your first question I can not ride.

    As to the Pistol question, it depends on how much training she has had and how much she is willing to invest in time and effort.
    If she is a new to pistols, then a good 38 revolver might be a better choice as it is far simpler to use. No having to learn to clear and rack a slide, unloading and loading are easier and safer for everyone.

    Be sure to get her into a training class as well, having a gun and not knowing how to use it is the same as giving a sport bike to someone who has never ridden....and can have the same result.

  3. From what she's told me she has shot fair amount. So she's not a total noob, but I'm sure no expert either. I do plan on investing in training for sure. I've never seen her gun handling skills but you do make a good point on the revolver. She is very smart though, and an extreamly fast learner with everything new I've seen her try. I think she has the compitence to safely learn on a pistol if she is that green, Especially with a good instructor.
  4. How is Keiths Sporting Goods in Gresham? Website was not much help.
  5. You can only buy pistols and/or revolvers in your state of residence, so he can't buy one in Oregon.
  6. I think they can ship it to a local gun store for pick up. Atleast that's how it works at gun shows I've been too.
  7. Are you sure about that?
  8. My 2 cents on Keiths.... NO NO and how about H*LL NO... Worst customer service I have seen. Good selection, just do not try and ask anyone a question, because they will make you feel like an idiot.

    That is all...
  9. might want to check out they will ship it to a local gun store for pick up but the store will charge u for the handling of the gun and paperwork sometimes its just better to go to the shop and order what gun u want. i have a spring field armory the xd model and i love it. it is reliable and durable. it has had over 3000 rounds threw it and still shoots like it was new. and not much kick even my wife likes it more then the 380 i bought her.
  10. NW Armory in SE Portland.

    And you can buy pistol in OR but it must be sent to a FFL holder in WA. Most sellers charge $40.00 for this service.
  11. As an FFL dealer, yes I'm positive you cannot buy a handgun in Oregon and take possession of it there. So let's get real technical about it. Yes, you can buy a handgun in Oregon, or Tallahassee FL, but you will have to it shipped to an FFL in Washington, where you will pay a transfer fee and Use Tax on the purchase. So, why go through the trouble of buying it in Oregon? Transfer fee, Use Tax and shipping is likely to cost more than just patronizing a local WA business instead.

    That is correct, but you will also pay Use Tax on the purchase. I charge $35 to process transfers, and the Use Tax rate here is 9.5%. Some gun shops charge crazy fees though. West Coast Armory charges $40, plus the tax, plus an additional 10% if the gun is one they have in stock or could have ordered within a week or so. Discount Gun Sales and Wade's are even higher. But when all things are factored in, I can almost always meet or beat even the best "online" deal when total out of pocket cost is factored in.

    So it would have to be a great deal to drive into Oregon, buy the gun, pay for shipping to WA after finding an FFL who will do the transfer, pay a transfer fee, pay Use Tax and wait 5 days for the background check to come back (as I'm assuming the OP doesn't have a CPL...) Sounds like a lot of work for the uninitiated.....
  12. Holy crap thread jack much? Don't worry everybody I have a couple local shops I like.
  13. a highside?
  14. There's an FFL holder on here? Huh.. This is good to know. I spend way too much money on guns, and it would be nice to know the person whose kids i'm putting through college. PM me your info?

    OP. I'm a big fan of Ruger for dependable, reasonably priced guns. My P97dc has been been absolutely beat to hell as a CC/hiking/plinking gun, and it's never let me down. But for about $50 more, you can get a really decent used Glock.. A quick thought on 9mm. Why? Why not .40? Better bullet, better energy, better everything, recoil is negligibly more, and a S&W Sigma is $299 all day long, new.
  15. I'm lookin at everything under the sun that costs 4 bills or less. I'm not limiting my horizons on what to buy, but would just prefer a 9. And was just asking if anybody had something they were tryin to sell rather than looking for opinions on what to buy. It doesn't matter too much as long is it will put holes in somebody trying to attack her.
  16. One word dude;
    9x18 ruskie.
    Killer gun. reliable as a hammer. cheap to buy and to shoot. safe as anything else and accurate enough for most anything she is liable to encounter.
    easy to carry and to conceal too.
  17. I've been lookin at those. They seem pretty awesome.
  18. ease of driving nails should not be a deciding factor in owning a firearm.

    *though ease of driving tacks is not bad

    stick with a common caliber. 9, 40, 45 unless you have a specific reason for needing something different.
  19. I spend a lot of time shooting. A lot.. Yes, a 9mm will put holes in something, but so will a .22. Kinetic energy from a .40 is significantly higher than a 9mm in the same frame, with very similar handling characteristics. It's simply a better man stopping gun.

    Regardless, if you're looking for a new or used 9mm for less than $400, you shouldn't have a hard time. Look at the Ruger SR9, or the LC9 in a smaller frame. The Taurus PT 24/7 is also a pretty decent gun. S&W M&P9 is a gun i've really liked shooting, but you won't find one new for your price. Maybe used, but you'll have to shop around. I'm a huge fan of the S&W Sigma in .40, so the 9mm should be just as good. It's not a "tactical" gun though, so I don't know if i'd put thousands of rounds through it. The Caracal 9mm seems to be pretty well recieved from those i've talked to, and new they sell for right at 3. It's a new company, so not much in the way of reports of durability. I'd be very cautious of "cheap" guns. I will not shoot Hi Points, or the like..

    I like the Makarov, always have. I was at the gun show last weekend looking for one thinking they still sell for less than $200. I had a hell of a time finding one. All I could find were pseudo "collector" guns selling for mid $300s. It's going the way of the Walther P01/38. They were just under $250 when they first started getting imported, now you se them for mid $4s as "collector" pieces, import marks and all. :roll:

    Incidentally, I had a dealer tell me that prices were going up "because of Obama" at the last WAC show in Puyallup. Stand by for that BS again.. If you want a gun, better buy it now before everything starts getting ridiculous like 4 years ago.
  20. I second that recommendation. I have owned one since they first showed up on our shores; right after Glasnost. I bought three in fact, though each of mine was chambered for .380 auto. Yes, some came that way from the old USSR. I have since sold two, and the remaining one is mine. I hear good things about the 9X18 Russian, however. They are not very refined, but they are very reliable. I can't remember mine ever jamming; not once. The safety is not as foolproof as a Ruger, for example, but I'm OK with that.

    Good luck in your search. My last remaining Makarov stays with me.

    Oh, and Devil Doc, I paid $475 at the time for all three; in unfired condition.