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2 Wheel Pet Peeves

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by themytchuck, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Alright, I thought this would be fun. List a pet peeve you have as a rider...

    My #1 is sitting at a left-turn light for minutes only to watch the lights cycle through without registering me. :angry4: Followed closely by cagers who park a full car-length behind the crosswalk when waiting for the light!
  2. you can get little metal plates to stick on the front of your bike for this....or just get a flip plate...

  3. There's a short-list of irritations I see repeatedly each day...but the numero uno pet peeve has GOT to be *drum roll, please*


    I wound up in the hospital in Bend a few years back because a person's simple lack of flicking a little lever and switch.
    Much love for the Scorpion helmet and a*'s jacket for saving my bacon.

    I have an urge to slap people up-side the head every time I see that discourteous negligence of not telling others what you're about to do on the road.
  4. +1 ..... and blinker bandits....just turn it off.
  5. People who text and drive. That is all.
  6. your hinge does make me a bit envious.. haha.

    I have found thus far with my plate tucked as deep as it is, that when i accidentally run a red or forget to pay the toll on the bridge that cameras cant see my plate..
  7. Not saying' that it's my #1, but...

    *Motorcyclists riding in car's blindspots (obliviously).
  8. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    The list is long; From the folks who turn on a red into your path. Sitting in traffic when one could easily split the lane or use the medium or shoulder. But the Number ONE that has caused a couple face to face encounters. Is some Jack Wad/Wad'et crawling up my tailpipe in some giant SUV or a large PU. (I always go 5 over except school zones) PS well really any tailgater big or small...AJ
  9. my 2 wheel pet peeve is when I'm motoring down the fast lane as +5 and a hog motorcycle comes merging on to the highway .. cuts through all three lanes just to go FUCKEN slow in front of me and just sit there next to the car that it just cut off and left lane camp ...WTF GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!! .. so what do i do .. i split the fucker and move on flipping him off... mother fucker you better be aware of your surroundings!!! next time I'm hitting your kill switch this was tonight btw ..
  10. Farting/singing at a stop light and thinking nobody can hear you... Hint: they can.
  11. Inattentiveness of any sort, including those on two wheels. Therefore, I hate just about everyone.

    Since becoming old and grumpy, a pet-peeve are those fat fucks on a particular brand of bike whose "lifestyle" includes making as much noise as possible. At some point, people are going to get tired of that shit and regulate. I'm tired of the stink-eye because of you clowns.

    Metro short-bus drivers. They should be passengers, not driving. Hogtied, sedated and chained to the seat.

    Damn, I'm missing out on those.
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  12. The people that get aggressive just because you are on a bike. Run you off the road (personal experience there), Tailgate you after you passed them when they were driving slow, ect.
  13. Cagers: Dudes coming up fast behind you and hitting the brakes at the last moment, like you pissed them off for going to slow. And people who change lanes without signaling - it often some dude in a Lexus, Mercedes, etc. as well.

    Riders: People who pull away from a stop dragging their feet till they're going 15-20 MPH. And the dudes on sportbikes who go supermoto and put their inside foot (clad in flipflops or sneakers) down when cornering.
  14. FireDave

    FireDave Banned Camp

    In no particular order:

    1. Device users. Phone, text, iPod. Keep your eyes on the goddamn road!

    2. Slow drivers. The speed limit is also, more or less, the recommended speed for dry/clear conditions. If you can't play the game, please get off the field.

    3. Unsecured loads. If you're wondering how your windshield got chipped, that was my lug nut, after I passed you. You're welcome.

    4. Tail-gaters. I greet you as in #3 above. We get tail-gated more than cars because we don't, to any significant extent, interrupt the tail-gater's visual space. They can see right through us to the car in front. From the idiot-tail-gater's POV, they're following the car in front (of me) at a safe distance. To combat this . . . I move around in my lane, a lot. I turn on my blinker then not change lanes, get over to the fog line, drag my foot to kick up some sand, maybe a quick little brake check so they can see what my brake light looks like. If they don't back off after a couple of these tactics . . . out comes the lug nut or fender washer.
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  15. Two words: Messenger Bags...... you know who you are
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  16. I've always wanted to get off the bike at a stop light after somebody cut me off without signaling, knock on their window, after they roll the window down, snap off their turn signal lever, and say "apparently you don't need this". Get back on bike and ride away. - And doing all of this in a completely calm manner.....That way it's not 'road rage'....right...?
  17. I agree, and also cigarettes getting flicked out the window by cagers. It's littering and a fire hazard.

    I had a lady (and I say that nicely) on Airport Way in rush hour traffic flick a cigarette out her window right next to me. The butt bounced off my leather pants, I was like, did that really just happen? I reached down and picked up her still lit cigarette butt, rolled forward and flicked it back at her and told her I was not her ashtray. She was definitely shocked and put out her cigarette.
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  18. Texasl

    Texasl Totally Charming Retired Moderator

    If you don't like my singing then just move it on down the road. :nana
  19. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I don't have any. Everyday on the bike is just another obstacle course. If I win, I live.
  20. crackup:crackup:crackup:
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