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2003 CBR 600 F4i Powercommander

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by WaSSted, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. WaSSted

    WaSSted Kaptain Kirk

    Anyone have any custom maps for this bike? The maps supplied by dynojet are only for 01-02 bikes. I am just looking for something to experiment with till this spring when I have a custom map made for my bike. Also does anyone have any experience with the accelerator pump utility?
  2. Everyone that I have heard that uses the accelerator pump utility said you just have to start somewhere and find what you like-I haven't heard many guys comment on it-

    You are basically just trying to feed it some extra fuel for a certain amount of time(revolutions) after you crack the throttle-as you probably are well aware-

    If you haven't already you might try some dynojet maps that aren't specifically for what you have on it-Seems like anyone that had a stock map that worked, it was never for their pipe-

    Just read your post again-are you saying a 2002 map wont' work in an 03 -sorry honda illiterate or you just want an 03 map- What to you have on it a full exhaust?

  3. WaSSted

    WaSSted Kaptain Kirk

    I have the two bro's pipe, stock header. The maps at cbrworld are the same files you get from the manufacture. I think I am going to take my bike to the shop and have them create a custom map for me. I have played with the acc pump utility a bit, but not enough the notice much.
  4. As you are finding out, it is really difficult to find people who will share there maps, mainly because they're pricey to create on the dyno and because who wants your bike to be as fast as theirs?? :lol: As stated above, some of the best luck I've had is not neccessarily following Pow.Com. guidlines and just playing with different maps it takes some time but you'll eventually find one. And the more time you take understanding the difference in how the bike feels and what is different (regarding numbers) between the maps, you can start customizing your own map. They're more overwhelming than anything when you first look at the screen, just read over it and don't be afraid to tweek some numbers a little bit. Good luck.
  5. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    when I set mine up, dyno-jet offered about five differrent maps, for different exhausts. I tried all of them, picked the best one. When we did the dyno tune, It was pretty close to spot on.

    Just try different ones, and pick the one that feels the best!
  6. FWIW There have been more than a few problems with the f4i and PC's. Over on cycleforums there have been at least 4 guys who have had there's go bad and the problems are all the same (one guy has actually had 3 seperate one go bad). The bike starts to become sluggish and not very responsive almost like it is not getting fuel to the bike. If by chance this happens in the future unplug the power comander and see if that takes care of the problem. JUst thought I would pass that on just in case this happens in the future
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