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2005-2006: New to the forum? Post up here!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, May 22, 2005.

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  1. I've been gone for over a week on my California roadtrip, and I come back and I notice all the new members we now have. First let me say welcome to all of you, glad word is getting out there, keep passing it along.

    So if your new to the forum, please post up here and introduce yourself. This will also allow future new members to introduce themselves.

    And thanks to SilverDawg for giving me the idea of this thread.

  2. O what the hell. My name is Jared Beerbohm yes that is my real last name. I ride a 03 GSXR 1000 blue. I work at a hotel for bad guys as a response and movement officer. I enjoy women in the winter and bikes in the summer. I have meet many people on this web site and I have to say none of them are as pretty as me. So if you wana make out send me a pm.

  3. Hola.... Relocated from Nor-Cal and I must say that I have never before in my life seen so many horrifically bad drivers in my life! i love riding and finally got the bike i wanted...thanks to Kawai for bringing back the 02 ZX-6R.... looking forward to the nice weather and meeting some fellow 2-wheelers. I sure you'll see me cruising about don't forget to wave..... :joker:
  4. I happen to be Brendan, I ride a 2001 Yamaha R6. Ive been riding dirt bikes all my life and finally traded in my YZ125 for a an R6 hehe. Even though i still miss the dirt, street is definitely more fun :) I'm always looking for a riding buddy
  5. Think you'll find that the horrible drivers are mostly imports from out of state

    I'm from the Sacramento, California area and in fact due to the horrible and even psychotic drivers there, in order to survive, I got off the street for several years and sold my bikes. When I came to WA State in 1991 I was amazed at how much more polite and better the drivers were.. then we received hordes of immigrants, legal and illegal, and folks from other states also.

    Be careful out there, they really are trying to kill ya! :shock:
  6. Hello All

    Dustin Robertson here, a little intro may be necessary, considering I only have met five so far.
    I am a transplant from the East Coast, NC to be exact. Have resided in Moscow Idaho for two years now. Currently Teaching at University of Idaho, working on MFA in Sculpture and painting.
    Have straddled bikes since I was old enough to hold myself on the gas tank of my fathers bike(around 3). Have had the desire and passion for only three things in my life, Art, Ladies and Bikes, LOL but not nessesarily in that order.
    I own a 2004 Honda CB900F other wise known as Hornet 900. Has been an absolute gift from God, plenty of power, stealth, comfort and enjoyment....
    A great solitude for a man who spent everyday of his life through meditation at the ocean. These hills and miles between me and the ocean have begun to ware a soul down. But thanks to the bike and the open road I have regained sanity. LOL
    OK I love to talk about myself obviously, so I will shut up now and sign off...
    Had a great run on my maiden voyage with the club and think you guys and gals have a great thing going here. Thanks a Million!!!! Looking forward to many great runs and sessions.
  7. Welcome to the forum PLABOY
  8. I more than feel your pain! I used to surf before work in oregon many mornings, and desperately miss the ocean. BUT! There is salvation in the amount of twisty roads, whitewater, and abundant lakes to paddle in. Lemme know if you need some liquid therapy, im always up to get out on the water.

  9. After more than $80,000 in surguries and tattoos call me stupid, insane, or crazy I'll call myself passionate. I always put my heart and soul into life. God says how far to jump and I say ok. 110% is my game. I was born here in Moscow many times over. I am a student of nursing and working tords arts minor. Some also say God broke the mold just for me, I'll have to meditate on that one. Motorcylcles have always came natural ive raced them, broken them, and rebuilt them. At the age of 12 years old I rebuilt my first fourstroke engine without parental guidence, stunned my Grandfather. Now I ride a 2004 Buell Xb12s with a TiForce Titanium exhaust system other than that she is stock.

    In high reguards. Buell Man.
  10. Hi all, new to this group as well. I am a member of many other local and not so local boards and recently recieved an invite to this board so figured I would check it out. I see a few others here that I know from other groups. Spent some time reading posts getting some good laughs. (Sorry LRG, I'm another Ducati owner who bought the bike for it's performance, character and soul, not for how much it cost or what I look like sitting on it in front of Starbucks :toothy7: )

    I'm out of Mukilteo and am always up for a planned weekend ride or spur of the moment afternoon or evening ride. Hope to meet up with some of ya'all soon.

    02 998
  11. welcome curt, glad to have ya...let's see a pic of that 998 of yours
  12. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    yeah, Curt, that has to be one of my fave bikes ever
  13. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    No doubt. I'll trade you straight across...all three of my bikes just for the chance sit on your 998 with the engine running!
  14. Thanks for the welcome Beans....I have a very good friend who lives in your neck of the woods. She's and eye doc in Coeurdelene. Cute as hell and one hell of a rider. She rides a Buell XB-9 and is always looking for people to go riding with. I see alot of you are from the greater Spokane area so I'll hook her up with the site. Couple pics of my bike.


  15. Nice looking bike! When can I ride it? How many miles is on it? How expensive are the tune-ups for it, like the valve adjustments?

    We also just picked up so she can meet up with Spokane riders or the newly created CDA section.
  16. Oh, sure... your on the west side. I have your bikes little sister! Im on the yellow 748, quite the pair if you make it over here sometime. Welcome to the board!

  17. Thanks! If we hook up for a ride sometime I wouldn't have any heartburn over letting you take her for a ride. That is as long as you let me take your 12R out. One bike I have never had the pleasure of riding and have always wanted to. :twisted: It has just about 10k on it now. Fortunately when I bought it, Ducati had a promotion going where the first three major tune ups (600, 6k, 12k) were paid by Ducati. I had the 12k done this winter just before the two year warranty ran out. Luckily my Father is a huge bike nut and also owns a Duc, so he knows how to do the valve adjustments. So the next service I plan to ride it over to his place in Montana and have him tear it down and show me how to do it. Most of the service items are pretty easy that anyone with a little wrench knowledge can do in there own garage. The Valve adjustment is the only tough one. The regular service intervals are unfortunately rather spendy to have a shop do them. I think most people pay around $600-800 for the 12K full service which is the most expensive service interval. The others are not nearly as bad. Definately a factor to look at though when buying one. The bike has been solid though (knock on wood) have not had anything in 10k miles...

  18. I would take you up on that deal. You must be living right with the coral of bikes you have going on....
  19. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Haha, nope that's why they're all older bikes! If it was still the mid-90s I'd be the coolest guy in town, though!
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