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Featured 2007.5 Aprilia Tuono $3700

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by redfactor, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Up for sale is my beloved Tuono. It is ready to ride and needs nothing. I have maintenance records dating back to 2011. It has a rebuilt title due to the previous owner hitting some gravel. The previous owner is a friend and I know the whole story but to be brief the rearset snapped and scratched the swingarm which caused the insurance company to write it off as a loss. It currently has 19k on the clock but actual is slightly less due to -1/+2 gearing for half of it's life. I just renewed the tags last month so those are good for the next two years.

    This Tuono has all the common mods done plus all the known issues sorted. The stator and regulator/rectifier have been replaced with higher grade units from Rick's Motorsport Electrics, the infamous brown connectors have been removed and bypassed, the airbox snorkle has been removed as well as all the evap canister system.

    The modifications are as follows:

    Factory cans cored - fitted 2.5" baffles and repacked
    ECU set to Map 2
    Rear shock off an RSVR (adjustable)
    Suspension setup by KFG
    Puig double bubble windscreen
    Motobits rearsets
    15/42 gearing

    This bike is a solid looking and riding machine. It has a few scratches/blemishes from being ridden but nothing major. It hasn't been ridden much this last year and spent most of that time sitting in the garage on the battery tender. It's currently sitting on Q3s with less than 1k miles.

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  2. The TUONO spedo runs off the rear brake disk, gearing doesnt effect the spedo, I would buy this if I already didnt own 2 both 07's, this is by far the ultimate street bike,

  3. Oh good to know. I based that assumption off my previous CBR and GSXR sport bikes. Mileage is just over 19k in that case.

    I was riding all last week with the nice weather and fell in love all over again but I start school and a new job Monday so it won't get ridden. I bought this bike with the intention of keeping it for a long time but circumstances change and I don't want it just taking up space in my garage.
  4. I would buy it just to hear it run! Very nice bike, good luck on sale