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2007 gsxr1000 no headlights help please!

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by pbgixxer1000, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. went on a ride turned my bike off then got back on my bike turned it on then no headlights everything else works but no hi or low or hi low indcator on the speedo. checked the fuses on the side of the bike there not blown but not getting any power to the fuse box just to the lights only it gets power to all other fuses in the box. and im not sure if it has a headlight relay. if anyone can help. thanks
  2. Did you end up figuring it out?

  3. no not yet. its kinda weird i took it to a buddys to see if we could find the problem. so we took just about everything we could apart and put it back and still couldnt find anything. so later on we went for a ride the lights came on some how. but later on went out. so i was thinking maybe the switch? idk
  4. loose connection some where?

    when you say getting power, did you take a multimeter and check the voltages?
  5. yeah loose wire, i would find the connectors and wiggle them with the light on, see if moving one will get the light to flash or come on.
  6. Kinda confused by what you're saying here due to lack of caps, punctuation and generally poor grammar but this isn't an English lesson. Anyway, I think you're saying that you get power into the fuse box but not out at the headlight fuse(s). All others are good.

    If that is the case, check the connectors that provide power input to the fuse box for a good connection.

    Have you altered the headlights in any way? HID's, higher wattage bulbs, anything like that? The factory wiring in most bike is only made to take the designed amount of voltage. Running different lights like HID's or higher wattage bulbs puts a bigger draw on the system. You may not be pulling enough amperage to pop a fuse but over time the wiring can break down. The insulation can melt or the wires can break inside.

    Do you have a good wiring diagram? You should "ring out" or do continuity checks on all your wiring from the headlight back to the computer to verify it's all good. Once you've verified all the wiring you can look a relays and then the computer which may or may not have anything to do with your healights.

    I kinda rule out the hi/lo beam switch right away because you're running a H7 lo and H9 hi for bulbs. When you flip on the hi beam the low stays lit so there's something interrupting power for both at the same time.
  7. sorry, I was in a hurry when I wrote that but, the fuse box does not get power when I put a test light on the light fuses. It had HID's on it but, I took them off and now it has a streetfighter light kit. I went over all the new wires and connections and they seem to be fine. I was thinking it had to be from the fuse box back to the battery somewhere? Its kinda weird because they just started working but, I dont feel like I did anything to fix them.
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  8. Noi


    I am having the same problem on my '07 1000. Was getting ready to leave a friends house when headlight didn't work. Turned the key to the on position and noticed that the headlight turned off immediately. Checked the fuses, still good. Tried swapping around and no luck. Instrument lights are all on except for high beam indicator. Tail light, turn signals all work except for headlights. No high or low beam. Tested the fuse box with a test light, getting power to all fuses except for high & low. Have factory lighting.
  9. Make it a track bike... BOOM... problem solved.
  10. Short in the headlight switch? Try opening it up, cleaning the contacts and see if that makes a difference....
  11. Noi


    Tested the fuse box and got power to the fuses except for the high & low for headlight. Thinking there's a break in the wire somewhere? Will update asap.
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