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FS: 2008 NInja 250r track bike

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by lazyeye, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Dunlop GPR300 tires
    Evol Tech Rear Sets
    Evol slip on
    K-Tech suspension setup for 200#
    415 chain sprocket conversion
    Zenner Paint
    Off brand adjustable levers and lever guards

    Clean and clear title but this bike has no kickstand
    I dropped it at the Mac track at a snails pace so the right side paint is scratched.
    no OEM parts

    I had the intent of racing, but that's not happening right now.
    Located in Lebanon, OR. ninja 250 PIR.jpg IMG_20170611_092715.jpg
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  2. tempting (I could use a second track bike). The motor's stock? You know about how many miles/hours are on the motor?

  3. I suppose I should have posted that. As far as I know the motor is stock. 7909 miles.
  4. Is this listed on craigslist at all?
  5. Not yet. CL is a pain in the rear. Kind of a last resort :)
  6. It is now. I'm getting a lot of spam calls from someone wanting me to pay them to sell it. Hah.