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FS: 2008 Yamaha 1100 Vstar Cruiser, $3300

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by fujaiwei, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. My first post, and likely my last :) I apologize if I'm breaking any rules..

    Purchased for $5000 in May 2014 from the 1st owner. In excellent shape, runs great, all maintenance current (recent oil change done by Yamaha Lynnwood) , no mechanical issues, and never down. Oil filter relocation package to make oil changes quicker (and cheaper). Includes a bike cover, battery charger, and I can throw in a helmet size small, only worn twice. I don't ride enough to justify keeping this bike, although I love it.

    The tags expired in June. Lost title, but it's paid for and planning to file for an expedited lost title this weekend, so should have it on hand in case someone wants to check it out this weekend.

    For photos, I'm going to paste in the craigslist link for now and see if that works:

    I will later come back to this post and update with photos per the instructions - my apologies in advance, but am heading out to work right now.

    Contact: roger DOT wagoner AT gmail DOT COM