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FS: 2009 Yamaha R6

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Aditya Tantry, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. FS: 2009 Yamaha R6
    • Price - Pending Sale :)
    • Made track only (Can be put back to street with OEM fairings)
    • Cripple Triple 450 ready in 10 mins
    • 2009 R6 frame and engine
    • Clean CA title with PNO (Planned Non-Operational) status
    • Stock Engine
    • Fuel tank has a dent
    • ECU reflashed (shows Gear on the speedo, increased RPM limit)
    • Suspension Refresh with new springs(1 kg rate) front forks and rear shock (0.5 season of riding) (Refresh done by EDR)
    • RK 520 Chain with Superlite Sprockets (-1/0 gearing)
    • Yusa Battery
    • Stahlbus Drain plug installed (Makes Oil changes a breeze)
    • M4 Full System Exhaust
    • Bazzaz Z-Fi Installed and Dyno'd by Nel's @ 2 wheel Dynoworks
    • 116hp on 92 Pump Gas (Mapped for the M4 exhaust)
    • New OEM Clutch installed in 2017 with 1 Trackday on it
    • HiFlo Oil Filter
    • Always used Motul 300V Oil
    • All bolts are drilled and safety wired
    • Armor Bodies Body work (Fuel tank and Bodywork came off my current race bike)
    • Extra Rear Wheel.
    • Annitori QuickShifter (Latest Strain gauge sensor, use mobile app for fine tuning)
    • Steel braided brake lines
    • EBC EPFA380 brake pads
    • Vortex clip-ons and adjustable rearsets
    • Woodcraft case covers
    • Graves Clutch Lever (folding)
    • Few OEM parts in a box. (Clip-ons, Rearsets, Full OEM Exhaust, A full set of Repaired Armor Bodies Bodywork (not pictured))
    • I've owned it since July 2014
    • I won the 2016 OMRRA Novice 600 championship on this bike
    • Lots more things that I may not be recollecting
    • Bike is located in Hillsboro, OR
    Contact via email
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