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FS: 2012 Ninja 250 (Give Me a Cash Offer)

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by trexasaurus, May 18, 2017.

  1. $2500, or $2200 CASH.'s been a long time since I've been here. Since I've last logged in I've adopted a dog (hence the lack of track days), changed jobs 3 times, and now I'm moving to a beach town in North Carolina!!!!

    I'm selling my Ninja 250 for two reasons:
    • I'm hauling a trailer to NC and don't want pay to ship my bike, and
    • I have the opportunity to try out to be a coach for Calif. Superbike School, and I need a faster bike (S1KRR to be exact)!!!
    I'm planning to be at the OPRT track weekend June 10/11th to ride the Ridge one last time before I move. If anyone wants to ride/look over the bike there come find me, I'll have FOR SALE signs posted - unless it sells before then. I will also be bringing some free gear (Women's: Sidi boots (Euro 40), Alpine Star boots (Euro 39), Alpine Star kevlar pants (US 8), Alpine Star summer gloves (sm)).

    Full disclosure:
    My bike has been down at the track and the plastics are damaged on both sides. This bike is street legal but would be a great track/race bike. The bike has been looked over, and there isn't any frame/fork/rim damage. The title is free and clear, and in hand.

    Woodcraft Clip-ons
    Akrapovic Exhaust, jetted
    Steel braided front brake line
    Frame sliders (white)
    Yoshimura Rearset Adjusters
    6200 miles

    Looking forward to any reasonable offers!!! PM or call 206-459-5941. Thanks!

    20170521_122526.jpg 20170521_122509.jpg 20170521_122545.jpg

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  2. Bump - added pictures and price.

  3. Good price on something that could be turned into a relatively inexpensive race / track bike. Congrats on the upcoming move and opportunity with California Superbike School (CSS). I'm currently looking for a job in the Raleigh-Durham area and can understand why you would want to move to that part of the country.
  4. Heeeyyyy John! It's been waayyy to long! Definitely let me know if you make it to Raleigh-Durham...I'll only be 2hrs away. I was there 2 weeks ago for a couple of days, definitely more job opportunities there than the beach, lol. I plan to hit up the tracks in the NC area!
  5. I'll be at the Ridge next weekend if anyone wants to check out the bike!
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