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2012 photo tag

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by cody701, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Nice! I didn't think any of the roads out there were paved.
  2. Paved all the way there, but like I said the last 5 miles or so are really rough old road, lots of bumps in the pavement. Snow in places, pruned foliage. But well worth the ride.

  3. Old challenge:

    New challenge!

    Do we get a double bike bonus!? HA!

    We had fun riding up to Silver Falls. The road did get bumpy near the end and we saw four deer, one which tried to run me off the road! Also there's silly rock slope work on 97A that we had to wait a few minutes for. Otherwise it was a pretty sweet ride!
  4. How bout a hint for a guy who's new to town :)
  5. Here's a close up of the plaque at the bottom of the monument in the background. Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks Sparky!

    I was able to find lat and long coordinates on it and after looking on the map and seeing a bunch of houses I was sure that I had the wrong location. Strange place for a memorial site to be but I've been wanting to head up that mountain road to explore anyway. I will go grab this in the morning. Thanks again.
  7. No problem! Sounds like you're on to it. It's kinda weird that it is up amongst a bunch of houses but the view is nice!
  8. Careful if you go any farther up towards badger, heard there was some oil spill up a ways.
  9. Great riding weather this week!
    Sorry if the new location isn't very creative. I am playing this game on unknown grounds :)


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  10. Old tag:
    Lincoln Rock State Park. I went up there Saturday afternoon of Memorial Day Weekend, it was pretty busy! The girl at the booth almost didn't let me in without paying but I told her I'd be out in like five minutes.

    And the new one! This one got kinda chilly near the top *hint hint*
  11. Fancher Heights got its name from the airport that used to be there, Fancher Field. Fancher Field was where Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon landed Miss Veedol after the first non-stop Trans Pacific flight. I haven't been up there in a couple of years, but I THINK one of the old hangars is still there, on the corner Badger Mtn and Fancher Field Rd.

    The 'new' airport is named after Clyde.
  12. glad to see this is really taking off since i was last on. i might catch the new tag today
  13. i had the mission tag along time ago but never posted it haha. i need to start playing again
  14. I wonder how ticked off they would get if I took the pic with my bike on the other side of the gate.......... lol.
  15. Old;


    (Hint: This is the first view you get of the body of water in the background)
  16. Another hint.

    The road is 97-A, the body of water does not move.
  17. I know where! I just haven't had time to get out there to grab it..
  18. Just rode past there Tuesday evening coming back from Omak. I was going to stop and get the photo, but I was following my wife and daughter as they left Chelan... Didn't want them to think something was wrong.