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2013 Wenatchee Valley Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by Thaloc, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Lets get it Rollin'


    *Hint: Malaga Hwy.
  2. Hmmm, if only I knew this area....guess I'm going for a ride after class today.

  3. I know where it is but don't have another pic to upload... I'll work on that this evening!
  4. Boom
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  5. Well shiza. If no one gets this by the weekend ill complete my own challenge and set another. How was this not done during our 90° week?
  6. My 90* week was spent working. And when not working, 3 of my 4 days off was spent busting my backside in the orchard. Yesterday I cleaned house, cleaned up the garage and worked on one of the bikes. Today starts my long work week. Today is a regular 10 hour but I took some vacation time this morning, Thurs-Sun are 12 hour shifts and Monday is 4 hours OT. YAY!!!! hahahaha

    right now, my only motorcycle rides consist of commuting. ~sigh~

    I know where the pic was taken, I just need to convince myself to leave early and head down before I go to work.
  7. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    I know! Been there, just never took a photo there!

    Have to confess, I've spent a LOT more time on the bicycle this year, rather than on the motorcycle... It's better for me they say... At least the bicycle isn't as heavy to pick up when I drop it!

  8. PUD access road. Rock Island dam powerhouse, Chelan County side.

    Think new.
  9. Old, up Badger Mountain Road

  10. i think i know where that one is. its close to my daily route to work..... hmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Badger Mountain Road is a good ride!
  12. new to the area?
  13. What gives you that idea?
  14. I found the Church

    then I found a golf course...

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  15. this ^. i want to find it it looks like it had a fun ride to get there
  16. Ride to Mission Ride with my bride via Joe Miller Rd

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  17. That is a fun ride. It is my go to loop ride in the area. I like to ride around Malaga/Wenatchee Heights/Mission Ridge. The back roads around those areas are a bit tricky during this time of year because of all of the orchard traffic. Skinny roads with a bunch of traffic and gravel kicked up on the road.
  18. That area up by Lily lake is my old stomping ground, I grew up on the Heights between there and Mission. Great roads for something chuckable like a sport bike... or teenage Teflon's old CRX :roll:. I drove that twisty section below Jim Smith Road twice a day, every day, snow or sunshine. What a lucky kid I was!