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FS: 2015 Grom w/ 186cc BBK $4300

Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by MaverickiB, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Looking to purchase one of the new V4 Panigales next year, hoping to use the cash from this as a down payment. Love the bike to death, a lot of fun and a great commuter, but 215+ ponies is calling to me.

    There's a massive list of aftermarket parts, but that kind of stuff rarely adds value. The reason why this is so much higher than MSRP is the big bore kit, which normally run 1200 dollars or so by themselves. With it, a 16 tooth front sprocket, and an aftermarket ECU that bumps the redline up by 3k, this thing is actually a decent road machine. Also has a cold air ram intake and a racing exhaust system. Ridiculously loud for 186ccs, almost comical. Front brake lines are steel braided so you can actually stop when you need to, and the tires are Michelin Power Pures. Roughly 4k on the ODO; I keep forgetting to write it down. BBK has about 2k miles on it.

    Craigslist ad has all of the parts listed.