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2015 Honda CRF250L?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by youngdrew47, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. Looking to get into the ADV thing a little bit, and this bike is very intriguing to me. Mostly day trips into the Dougan Falls / Gifford Pinchot area, or perhaps an overnight or two. Looking for something small, inexpensive, and can do single track. If you have any thoughts, or want to join up for some rides in this area lemme know. Thanks!
  2. i have a crf250x for that same sorta thing. minus the lack of parts and having to custom fab most things, it's been awesome, love it

  3. cjohns

    cjohns sctnabt

    I can't comment on the Honda, but I can say there is a whole lot of fun to be had on Dual-sports. You may wish to compare the Honda with a WR250r. I have the latter, and it is absolutely a great bike. I would say the only shortcoming (of the WR and probably the Honda) is the suspension.

    I have ridden this almost daily, back and forth to work, errands, both gravel and roads. I have also taken the WR to the track (2Fast, Inland Speed) and run sessions on it both dry and in the full rain on stock tires (302 Trailwings I think). The bike was GREAT in the rain, and it was (sub in Nick Harris voice here) ab-solute-ly pour-ing! Also, the last thing I did before pulling the battery this winter was take it to the dirt track, and while it had quite a few shortcomings there (such as weight and suspension) (totally expected), It was still just good fun. I could jump (mainly short hops) and just had to ride at a controlled pace. I guess all I'm trying to say is the bike is good for lots of everything. I'm probably just an average rider FWIW.

    Don't forget to look on ADVrider for all the threads on CRF's and WR's (some HUGE threads there). Several threads there also with folks that have toured fairly extensively on these smaller dual sports.
  4. Thanks for the input it is much appreciated!
  5. Is your CRF250x street legal?
  6. The CRF250X can be made street legal, but doesnt come that way from the factory.
    The advantage is a bike that is about 40-50 lbs lighter. I have a friend with a converted WR450F, and it's a great dualsport.
    I'd suggest getting something used, and after 6 months you'll have a much better idea which bike will suit you best. With a used bike, you won't feel so bad the first time you drop it and break off a turn signal..
  7. I used to have a Crf250L and currently have a Yamaha wr250r and wr450f.

    Both the crf250l and wr250r are dual-sports that can reliably take as much street riding as you can throw at them, but both bikes are heavy and underpowered compared to a "real" dirtbike. The power isn't a huge deal but the weight makes a very big difference on the trails. Both bikes can eat up single track but feel like pigs compared to the wr450f off-road.

    Off-road only "real" dirtbikes like the crf250X or wr250f will be very light and easy to ride on the trails but require more maintenance than a dual-sport. These bikes can be made street legal but don't last very long on the freeway.

    Imo factory dual-sport is the way to go if you want a hassle free bike to putt around on. As far as crf250l vs wr250r: The Yamaha is taller, lighter, and comes with better suspension and a better engine. The Honda is cheaper.
  8. My CRF250X was the first to be made street legal in Washington State in 2012.

    The CRF250X and L are totally different motorcycles with almost nothing in common.
    As previously stated, the X is a much better bike for everything except highway / freeway riding.

    Unless you plan to ride at over 50mph I recommend the X if you can afford it.
    (With stock gearing the X will go 78mph but I don't recommend it)
    The top speed is limited by it's 5 speed transmission.
    To get more comfortable top speed cruising you have to give up too much on the bottom for my taste.
  9. Oddly enough, I just moved to Washougal, within easy riding distance of Dugan Falls. I'd love to explore the gravel roads of the Gifford Pinchot NF. My 650 V-Strom has served me well for many highway adventures, but it's a pig on gravel. My goal for next season is to have a small dual sport bike set up specifically for those Forest Service roads. Something in the 250-450 class. I'm not into fast, powerful bikes. Comfort, safety and reliability are my priorities. Must be getting old!

    Something like the Yamaha WR250R might be about right. Anyone here want to sell one?

    I'm also looking for riding buddies with similar interests. I'm retired, so I can ride whenever the weather permits. Shoot me a PM if you want to chat and compare interests