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FS: 2016 Alpinestars Atem Jacket, Size 40/50 (BRAND NEW!)

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by PumpinIron, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. This is a brand new, never used Alpinestars Atem jacket. This is the brand new 2016 model (not last years model) and it is a size 40/50.

    You can read more about this jacket here:

    This is a damn fine jacket, just read those Revzilla reviews if you doubt me. I don't think you'll find many jackets that have more armor or protection than this thing.

    It retails brand new for $800, so I think it goes without saying that my price of $400 is not only a steal, but it's also FIRM.

    To give you an idea of how this fits, I am 5'9, 175 lbs, and have a very lean, muscular build. This thing fits my like a glove, perfectly.

    If you're looking to save some money on one of the best jackets that Alpinestars makes, this is your chance!

    I'm located in Salem, Oregon, so if you want it you'll either have to pick it up from me locally, or pay $30 for shipping.

    Send me a private message on Facebook if you're interested, or you can call / text me at 503.701.5752.

    14925642_10209826734359280_4722114118443093245_n.jpg 14937203_10209826734399281_2015665298111721191_n.jpg 14937372_10209826734759290_8851857000402919656_n.jpg 14991906_10209826734319279_8983256485580786684_n.jpg 14993354_10209826735159300_819627718436568428_n.jpg 15036247_10209826735079298_5639589475537188328_n.jpg 15036358_10209826735279303_7787783096116746900_n.jpg
  2. $350 if you pick it up from me locally!