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20th annual Sunset HOG poker run, Beaver hunt and Gourmet weenie tour.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Jeffytune, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    Well, it's that time of the year once again for the Sunset HOG poker run. This years run will be on the west side of the metro area and will end out near Rainer.
    It's going to be held on Sunday the 9th and it starts at 8:00am at Paradise Harley in Tigard.

    This event is open to any and all bikes.

    Please come out and we will take you on a great ride.

    See you Sunday.

    PM me if you have any question.

  2. Okay, I give what's a Beaver Hunt?
  3. lol
  4. So glad you asked. Poker runs for the passenger can get a bit boring so to get them involved in the "Fun" we have gone long the route and posted 8x10 beaver posters with the picture of a beaver and a number under it. The passenger record the number on there beaver hunt sheet and at the end of the ride, you add up to get a total for all the numbers you saw. The closest one wins a 50/50 pot. (In the case of multiple correct totals, there is a drawing among them)
    We post them on trees, fence posts and all kinds of stuff along the route.
    You can play this even if your a solo rider.
  5. Mind out of the gutter there sir....
  6. Some constructive criticism...I looked into this event several days ago and went to the Sunset Hog site for more information...and there just wasn't any.
    Some more info on the event would help sell it...approximate length of poker run, describe the events a little, etc... Some people don't do these every day and like to know what they are getting into.
    I was looking for something to do and might have attended, but now I have other plans. Sounds like fun though.
  7. I could not agree more Mike. Then poker run committee likes to keep the route secret for some unknown reasons other then they have always done it that way.

    It is going to about 100 miles, there will be three stops along the way and the end point will be at a park near Rainer.

    The first bikes out will leave at 8am.
  8. I totally understand reasons for keeping the route secret. I've put on a bunch of poker runs for the ATV club I participate in and we keep them somewhat quiet too...but people like to know the rough mileage. For one thing, I've been to poker runs (street) that were in the neighborhood of 30-40 miles and mainly involved stops at a lot of bars....not my thing, I like to ride, so knowing that up front makes me much more likely to either show or not.
    The wife would have loved the Beaver Hunt thing, but having no idea what it was I couldn't sell her on it.
    Like I said, not trying to bust anyone's balls, just some constructive criticism.
  9. No problem Mike.
    HOG national rules require us to be "Family friendly" so no strip bars ir bars at all on any of the stops, unless it is outside and no alcohol is being served,

    But yes, I know that types of runs you mean, it's more and excuse to go to five strip clubs then riding your motorcycle.

    We are all about riding.
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