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4 x 4 owners post up !

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Max_&_Blondie, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. OK, G-Spot's being Katty on her "zen-Road-pizza" thread , so whatcha got for a 4 x 4? :lol:

    Mine is an 1974 International Scout 2 which I have mostly rehabbed, and I'm planning a complete frame off and a real tricking-out in the future, including Hum Vee type bumpers and a roof rack and lights and Painless wiring harness and switch box. I have a Warn 9500 winch which will fit front and rear hitch tubes when I'm finished. Bought the Scout from my dad 15 years ago and he died this year so I'm going to keep it in memory of him.

    Has Dana 44 diffs, 4 speed tranny and a 258 straight 6 which is an excellent hill climber (Same as a Jeep motor and in fact originally they were tractor engines!

    Here's a few pics I took of it and my cobra at a buddy's tranny shop where we were working on the cobra:



    Mods, if you like feel free to move the thread, after G-spot get's a tweak from it crackup: Love ya, hun! :lol:
  2. Very well here it is...and can i just say that i have the best wife as she desperately wanted not only this rig (which i have a love hate relationship with) and the bike.....yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeessssssss

    Before it got too dirty that day

    Wife doing a few mud runs

    getting a christmas tree (those that buy them should be shot)

    Testing the hill climbing...

    Our's is a 1971 Ford Bronco....hard to tell from that last pic but the bronco has a 3" suspention and 2" body lift, 302 (oh yeah), "three-on-the-tree" converted to the floor, roll bar (new 6 point waiting back in cali), Rancho 5000 shocks, Duff shifter, 600 cfm edelbrock carb, edelbrock intake, hooker (gotta love that name) headers, flowmaster exhaust, really bad wildcat (old man) tires that we had to get at gunpoint by the father-in-law, and the list goes on and on......

  3. Cool rig. As you can see from the cobra, I like Ford power (it has a 600 horse 514 Ford factory racing engine) I also have a huge, old F350 hi-cube truck.

    Yeah, until I got to work on my Scout it was also a "love-Hate" relationship. Our relationship is much better now :lovestor:

    Then: the antique wiring system.. soo I first replaced any bad wires with heavy guage, new automotive wire and marine disconnects (this is a temporary fix until I do the frame off. Then the Painless harness and new spade-type fuse box will be installed, along with a roof rack, lights and a control box for everything, and full, new Autometer instrumentation) I installed a Painless Wiring headlight relay harness for the halogen headlights, a major improvement. New 100 amp alternator and some under the dash guages to replace failed stock gauges.

    And the stock seat.. horrible bench type and disintegrating. So I tossed it into my storage trailer, in case I ever sell it and the new owner wants the carcass (short semi trailer I have for storage, will come in very handy when we build our castle)
    I installed Corbeau Racing buckets and matching 3 point harnesses, attached properly to the steel body. They were way too low to simply install, so to make use of the space I had custom, steel t-handle lock boxes made up, to serve as seat platforms and secure storage. With the custom lockbox I have behind the seats, I can securely stow a variety of gear and tools.

    When the straight 6 goes, I am considering an EFI 350 Chevy from some wrecked vette, with a lower range rv type cam installed. I'll have to completely beef the drivetrain, but one of my good buddies is a tranny and diff expert, so that should be no problemo. He does custom work and repair if you can pull the components. I'll probably install a 5 speed Tremec, and rebuild or replace the diffs with aftermarket stuff.

    I took one winter 3 years ago, with the interior stripped, and with a 4 inch grinder and sanding discs, (wearing a painting respirator) I removed all trace rust from the interior. Trace rust occured because there was water intrusion from bad window and door seals, all of which I have replaced. It would be trapped in there for days at a time, and it was not nice to the steel body. I then treated with POR15 protectant and then applied truck bed liner stuff to the floor and up about 1 foot on the side panels. Then I painted the lower steel panels with silver crackle spray paint, the "Durite" stuff. Everything else I painted with spray cans loaded with the original paint. Paint supply shops will make up a case of spray cans for you.

    I found a "graveyard of Scouts" business located in Texas where I've accessed most of my NOS and original used parts. There are few new replacement parts made for these vehicles, but some parts are sourced from other American trucks of the same era, such as the tranny and differentials.
  4. I just bought a 4x4 F150, but I don't think I'll be taking it off road much. It was already modified by the previous owner. Traded in my Xterra for this:
  5. I like the new short bed supercab type rigs, great all around use and you can get a mini shell or hard tonnau cover for the bed.

    I want an F450 or F550 version in the future, w/ a 5th wheel type bed to tow a "Warrior " trailer for vacations and travel.. with my cobra and our bikes in the trailer.

    (Warriors are a combo RV and vehicle trailer)
  6. Those Warriors are pretty cool units. Going to need to get a house with a driveway before I can get something like that.
    I like this set up too. Room for six adults (confortably) and can haul a ski boat or bike trailor. Can also throw a bike or two in the bed. Mine has a hard tonau that rolls up.
    550! :shock:
  7. Max_&_Blondie. Sweet rides. A few years ago I had a Orange SN95 GT. It was a fun ride but wasnt very fast. So my brother and I stripped it down. We replaced all cowling for better air flow. The suspension changed out with a Kenny Brown stage 3 race kit to increase adjustability and road feel for speeds over 115mph. Wider wheels and lower profiled tires to increase corner capabillities during high speed runs. Project "Nevada Silver Classic" ended when I enrolled with the UofI. The car was fun she handled well but lacked in hp even thou I could out run higher horspowered cars, for some reason most people wouldnt run more than a couple of miles above 140mph. I was surprised. I remember one time on the Spokane free way racing a S351 Mustang. I was running the Highway about 90ish when the Saleen passed doing around 115mph. An inspiration. You know feeling when its time when the force takes over onesself and pushes the knee down to engadge large amounts of throttle. Everything around you becomes slow motioned and hypersenciative, finding out flow. Well anyway as I reached 130 and pulling up beside their car and looking through the cars window I recieved a look. It felt like this "I am indifferent and Im not going to push it any further". I smiled back and pushed my foot clear to the floor to get the humming sound I loved to hear when the V8 got near to the red line. I always wondered about that day that car was capable of hitting speeds near 180? I was perplexed. Anyways after College a 911 turbo will be my grad. gift to myself and maybe Ill be able to race soon after. I would love to road race that Cobra for fun. Youll have to wait for a couple of years then we could hook them up, thanks.

    In high reguards...Buell Man.

  8. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    still runnin the same '90 Toyota I've had for the last 9 years...
  9. Toyotas are like the Energizer bunny.. they just keep running and running..!
  10. Nice truck. Going to have to get a simliar wheel/tire setup for the winter.
  11. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    yeah, i love not having to put snow tires on my truck.
  12. I had BFG ATs year-round on my Xterra. Loved the look and performance.
  13. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    that's an old pic of the toy. i'm runnin Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo's now.. they're some great tires
  14. That's what my Scout is shod with: BFG All Terrain TAs. Love 'em
  15. here is my baby, '02 F-350 turbo diesel 4x4 Lariet
  16. Nice Jeep! Is it street legal or just off-road? You need some bar lights! :clap
  17. It is street legal. I'm Just fininishing it up after a three year build. Haven't had a chance to really test it out other than dinking around 7Mile for a few hours but I think I got this one right as far as everything working together.

  18. erickb

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    Hi all, well I have not got my 4 x 4 off road yet but I hope to soon, it is a 2004 Xtera with the off road sports package. I had a 2000 Fronier short bed quad cab that I had a few mods to it but it was starting to give me probelms and when Nissan offered me 1% financing on the X I took it kinda of sad for a TX native I have never been without a truck or a motorcyle. I gave up my truck but I will never give up the bikes!!! :shock:
  19. Nice Jeep XX. My first vehicle was a 76 CJ5. I miss it... :cry: