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Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by 600 Scraps, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Anyone know who the two guys that were getting arrested on Wawawai Road were? I counted 5 cop cars, must've been bad-asses....

  2. More bacon sitting with a radar gun at the corner of 195 and Grand (I think it's 195, the main road into town from Colfax).

    Three of them, sitting there on foot. Bastards.
  3. They had a high speed chase last night, so they're all pumped up about that.
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    hope the he got a way. and hope a pig lost it and can only hope so. FTP for life. greenchai:
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  6. Sounds like a lot of fun. We rode for 250+ miles over three state highways and several twisty side roads yesterday and didn't see one patrol car. :mrgreen:
  7. Yep, that was Steve (oldertrouble) on the board and his friend. Turns out cops were sittin on that road when they went by which is odd cause I have never seen a cop there in the four years I've riden that road.

    But cops were taking pictures of the college kids at the cliffs, and now the damn is open on Saturdays so the college crowd is going to the dunes.

    Talked to Steve last night, they had both of them in the back of the cop car ready to goto jail with handcuffs for 20 minutes. Steve had to say to them, "Listen these are brand new bikes, so if you impound them, I think we are going to have some problems cause they are kept in perfect condition" and they knew they wouldnt be returned that way. About an hour later of waiting, they cited them and let them on their way.

    Whitman County is the most corrupt county in all of Washington. It is not someplace you want to be pulled over. What sucks is the cops who cited them also ride motorcycles, and they were on that stretch of road that again I have never seen a cop on.

    That's all the details I feel like sharing cause I'm tired.
  8. If you're talking about by washington mutual, thats actually 270 or Davis Way. down by the south bypass which is past the old safeway, becareful! cops like to sit there cause the speed limit changes and theres always wrecks on 195 towards colfax.
  9. we weren't/aren't bad asses - we were just having a little fun on the twisties enroute to the snake river canyon - he said we were "racing" which was nonsense - we were ticketed for negligent driving - not great but better than he initialed indicated, as he was going to ticket us for racing and "reckless driving" which is why we were in the car with handcuffs and the whole bull shit stuff - eventually he had a change of heart and let us go with "only" a neg driving -

    unfortunately, whitman county doesn't use the prosecutor system for driving infractions so we have to go to court and take our chances - not a great outlook -I've spoken with three attorneys Monday, one from Pullman that handles traffic but he was not optimistic and all he said was send me 350 bucks and I'll see what I can do - no guarantees - if anybody has any suggestions for competent attorneys in Pullman or Colfax let me know please -

  10. Good luck the only thing I know that works is paying attention to good spirit.

    About the racing thing, yah the area you were riding in is known for high speed bikers and stunters. I believe there is about fifteen to twenty of them that hit thous surrounding areas very heavily. Ive ridden with them once and there pretty crazy. They live to ride and ride to live. Good guys thou they have my respect but not the laws. The only thing that might save you in relation to good nature is the fact your from out of town. Your not with the local boys that may be labeled which is unfortinute.

    In High reguards. Buell man.