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5/20 Sunday Bickleton for lunch ride

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Wayne, May 18, 2012.

  1. I will be leaving the Troutdale McDonald's at 8 am Sunday morning. I will do a basic Klickitat ride but go further east to Bickleton. This is about a 375 mile ride. Come gassed and with all your gear. We will gas up in Goldendale and do the out and back ride to Bickleton--the Bluebird Capital of the World. Lunch is at the oldest continually operating tavern in the State of Washington.
    I am slow in the straights and speedier in the turns.
  2. Aaahhh, it's a shame I have to miss this ... This will be good.

  3. Son of an effin bee-otch! Shite Moslem! NOW, the forecast looks like 60% chance of rain tomorrow. Likely abortion of the ride.
  4. Wow, I just woke up to my alarm thinking this was today. Good thing I checked the forum first!
  5. about how many hours do you estimate this ride will be? I am thinking about it.
  6. Remember, weather dependent.
    This is an all day ride; probably home in PDX by five.
  7. At Wayne's pace, you should be home by midnight
  8. I am so fast that I will be back midnight tonight--hours before I leave!
  9. So Jaybo, what's your pace right now?
  10. Weather forecrap looking a little more promising as of this moment. Check this post early tomorrow morning. Some company would be welcome!
  11. I couldn't qualify front row at a 50cc GP right now, healing slowly
  12. Too early!
  13. We could leave at 11 and miss the fresh morning air and hit the heavy traffic getting out of town.
  14. Weather looks dry today with really showery weather forecast for Monday and through the following weekend. This is our chance to do a nice long ride.

    8:00 departure from Troutdale McDonald's.
  15. Last Sunday I started this ride but hit enough rain out of Troutdale to convince me to abort the ride.
    How about another attempt tomorrow (Saturday)? Since all good PNW riders like to sleep in, how about a 9:00 am meeting at McDs?
    We will do the Bickleton canyon, BZ to Glenwood, Skyline out of Klickitat, and Cook-Underwood.
    Lunch in Bickleton!
  16. IF I can get up early enough AND the weather looks good AND I'm allowed to go THEN i'll be in.

    I don't get the route though. What is "Skyline out of Klickitat?" Would that be on the return leg? I haz a confuzzled.

  17. Nothing to do with Skyline Rd in Portland. A guardrail-lined, one-lane section a few miles from the town of Klickitat that I have been ripping and crashing on for years.
  18. DGA

    DGA Moderator

    I could Sunday...
  19. Great ride! Watch out for deer, I tested my ABS while I was on the Goldendale-Bickelton road last week. Lots of cops on 97, I have a ticket to prove it!
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