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5/7/2012 6 PM sonic bike meet

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by mehoff636, May 2, 2012.

  1. anyone want to do a bike meet @ sonic in puyallup @ 6???

    i know BCspur does

    i have the day off work maybe going for a ride that morning also... not sure where yet if interested
  2. If its nice enough I might try to come

  3. come out say hi we are always welcoming of new people

    right now says 70 and no chance of rain...but will change tomorrow i'm sure
  4. i might try to come over as well. its been a while since i was at sonic and i miss the old PNW Rider sonic meets! nice to see the season is changing and we can do them more often.
  5. In as of now. it could be snowing in 5 days

  6. Same
  7. out, already have plans. any other day would be better...maybe a "2 wheel tuesday" ???
  8. Set up something
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  9. Well, I'll be in uniform and on lunch but I should be able to swing by for a few...If it is decent out...
  10. 50/50 on this one. Hopefully i can swing it.
  11. IN as of Now, Even if it is Raining.
  12. In, but will be stylishly late :nana
  13. hopefully i dont have to work late monday!
  14. Bump
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  15. Where is the sonic. I might be in
  16. its in puyallup. just take the exit for south hill mall and make a right. stay on that road (94th) until you see 128th. turn left on 128th and follow it until you see sonic.
  17. Its not 128th its 136 and meridian
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  18. Ok I reconed the area and found it today. So let's see how late I gotta work
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