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5-9 The story

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Beerbohm, May 9, 2005.

  1. Well we all started out at office depot like normal. Chit chated for a little bit and road the lake road. It was nice to ride with people that now how to ride (well most of them do explanation later). Half of my chicken strips were eaten wich means I am becoming more confortable. Still a little wary about the twisties. Though my knee is 10 feet from the ground I am scared of hitting it and still don't have 100% trust in my self still kinda worryed that the tires are going to slip out from underneath me. After hitting the twistes with Johnny-B and leaning a bit further then I have in the past I decied to cach up to Beans. Thanks to the car infront of him I was able to catch up. Then we passed the car and poof he was gone. I attempted to keep up. Never done a high speed run with 2 bikes WOW kinda inteanse. So we stop and wait for the rest of the group and take a few photos.
    After some idle chit chat we took off again. And poof beans was gone. Doing my best to catch him on the straights the only thing that helped was the police car in front of him.
    Then we stop and wait for the rest to catch up.
    Beans and I were sitting there and I was thinking its kinda nice to go riding with people that have much respect for each other and the different riding styles. Then beans reachs out and starts pushing me. Maybe he has a personel space isue, Maybe I stink or Maybe he knows something that I don't. Then I hear the sound of ruber on a wet road and relize something is not right. And this is were it started.
    I could almost hear a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee over the sound of my spincter puckering like that of a vault door slamming shut. And then it happend.
    Do to me not having any pictures I will atempt to explain the best I can.
    As Fighterama Fighterama Fighterama Fighterama Fighterama came at me faster then the speed of light I saw my life flash before me. Showing no respect for the 2 wheeled maching he throws it to the ground (probley in attempt to hit my foot) then reaching for my tail end he hugs the @$$ of my bike (he is relizing how much better a Suzuki is and just wants to feel the power). He attempts to shake me off of my bike but I hold on knowing he could not handle the power. Relizing the error of his ways he gets on hands and knees and repeats over and over "I am sorry". He picks up the bike he through at me and inspects the damage.
    Very little damage to his bike. Mine was fixable

    But then in a jelouse fit of rage. He yells IF I CAN'T HAVE THAT BEAUTIFULL SUZUKI THEN NOBODY CAN!!! Then throughs gas lites a match.
    I weep for a while over the carcas of what was once my beautifull peice of art.

    Shaking my fist in the air I yell Fighterama some day we shall meet again and I will have my sweet sweet revenge firedevil: greenchai:
    But untill then may this be forever inbedded in you brain

    May we all have a moment of silence for pain and mental angish that Fighterama has caused me.
  2. Wow! You're a much better storyteller than I. woowoo:

  3. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    that was funny. what the hell was e trying to do??

    that was slick, man.
  4. I AM SO STUPID! I always have been afraid of being that guy, and today I have succeeded at being him. SHIT! Ah well. Id rather it be a good berating and no harm done than some Seth Enslow stunt where he demolishes 10 bikes at once. For your pains Beer, I will throw you a day of custom work on your Gix for free. Its the least I can do for the harm done....

    Next time Ill bring the princess out and ride like a big boy with good manners using my inside voice.

  5. Fuckin' A, glad nobody was hurty. Ride safe, guys!

    (Fighterama, want to give my Rad a love tap? I'd love a free day's worth of work on it. ;) )
  6. All I can say as a witness to the event was that E was REALLY...REALLY not going very fast at all...10mph TOPS!! He just skated across the pavement as if it were ice. But that doesn't matter, you're still a schmuck!
  7. Don't beat yourself up to much fighter no harm no foul (at least to my bike). I am glad that no body was hurt maybe a little pride but that is something we can all afford to loose. And don't worie I don't think that any of us think you are one of "those Riders". [​IMG] Happens [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. 954rr

    954rr Thumper

    that was funny as hell i like the way you tell it
  9. Hell it was good for me, I needed the little dose of humility. Im not one of the worlds most graceful kids (anyone over 6'2 knows how this goes), and Im learning the big T isnt the most agile of bikes. Plus it gives me a bit of free license to reincarnate the big bastard into something a little different than what it is. Just sucks that i munched that tach, those bastards are spendy! Like I said though, I could give a rats ass about that as long as noone elses toy gets broken. I would have slit the assholes throat and rolled him off in a ditch if I was on the princess and someone bumped her (of course your entire set of plastics cost what one small panel on that spendy bitch costs), so I feel bad about it. ANYWAYS, It looks like I have an open fri and sun this week, we need to take advantage of the warm weather and bang some twisties the end of the week. John, let me know about when your gonna get your tires and when your gonna go down there, we should ride to get them or throw daniels rear on up here so you have some life before then.

  10. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I'm just glad that someone else took the position of looking stupid....that way I now go 8)
  11. 954rr

    954rr Thumper

    hey as long as no one got hurt thats' the big thing :pottytra:
  12. Just felt like Bumping this to the top again.[​IMG]<--- Fighterama.
  13. There have been a few people request the story be bumped. Sorry E ;-)

    Edit: I just relized its been one year to the date lol thats some funny stuff!
  14. tedg04

    tedg04 ted sux

    Shit, I just saw the date. I thought this happened this weekend. E was there for me when I was "That Guy" (I didn't hurt anyone else's bike, but def. mine). I still appreciate it, and would ride with you again anytime.
  15. Right to the day! Excellent work Jared.

    Not one of my most graceful moments, but it turned out okay since noone was hurt, the bikes were fine (minus one tachometer and a footpeg of mine), and my pride could use the humbling. Startlingly good weather though this year compared to then. I need to ride.

  16. I was like, "whoa... But I just saw Jared last night, and he said nothing"... Schmuck ;p
  17. lol, way to go fight,but if he does art work on gixxer's like he make's a tug then your golden.
  18. lol nice story, hey you guys shouldnt come ride with us ok.... lol im just kidding hey we do need to get a big get together, dont we beans......
  19. clinty poo

    clinty poo vrrooom636

    lol Beer you crack me up d00d