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6/17 Father's day "Going Coastal" ride.

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Mrmat25, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. To quote the great Greg "We are going coastal!!!"

    Anyhow a group of us are heading to the coast tomorrow we will be meeting up at the SBUX near Padden Pkwy and Andresen at 11:30 am with KSU at 12:00. Skill level will be mixed, but no one gets left behind (ride your own ride).

    We will discuss the route before we leave.

    Portland riders welcome too... We can link up at the Shell outside of Scapoose about 12:30 pm.

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  2. I'm still in Vegas. You guys have fun and be safe!
  3. Sorry gang, I can't make it after all. :x

    Have a great ride.
  4. What? We named the ride "going coastal" in your honor. :scratchea:stir::popcorn:
  5. You better get a mod to change the title to 'Greg's Broke Ass Ride' then.
    Seriously, would love to make it, but all the liquor stores are closed, and my ski-mask is in the cleaners. :x

    How's a rider suppose to make a withdrawal; I ask you. :angry7:​
  6. I had a great time Matt even though I got wet.:mfclap:
  7. It was a great ride. Sorry i had the time conflict, or i would have run 53 with you two. Hope you enjoyed. Good lunch at Birks. It was kind of funny watching Patrick warming his hands on his engine as we rode down the road. We hit dry weather not to far back.
  8. Hell as soon as we got about 100 yards down 53 the clouds opened up and there was sunshine and rainbows. You guys all missed out I think there was leprichans and unicorns too.
  9. You guys went in the wrong direction! A little rain in estacada but after that it was nothing but blue skies on the way to fossil. Sounds like you guys might have had some fun too, 53 is awesome
  10. That was good stuff with the exception of the Devin issue. I hope that worked out. Yes, I will take some of that awesome cheese with that whine. Good fun with the exception of the rain. And to the gal in the white Porsche, I've got my eye out for you next time lady!
  11. I looked a little but nobody seems to have them. Imagine that!!!
  12. Yeah, sorry I was so late meeting up with you guys and had to bail cuz I lost my wallet haha. Thanks so much matt for getting my tab and giving me some gas money, I deff owe you!

    Good news is i heard from a gal on FB today who saw it fall out of my pocket on HWY 30 and picked it up! possibly going out to get it tonight or sometime tomorrow, woo hoo!!
  13. Great news!!
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