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66yr old on cycle killed by 15yr old in van

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Ryel, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Not much of an escape when a Suburban veers at you head-on...

    That said, never leave without petting your dog on the head and telling your family you love them, they may not get another chance to hear it again.
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  2. They have to decide whether to charge or cite the driver....really? OK he is 15 he should at least not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle for a long, long time. Over corrected NO SHIT needs two lanes to drive in WOW. Prayers to the family of the rider and hopes the 15 year old is ok that is alot to deal with that early in life but GEEZ should be held accountable.
  3. This concerns me a my daily route is Tualatin Sherwood to Roy Rogers, to 219 to 210 heading into Corenelius. There is alot of dumbass cagers and also bikers on this road. Layed my bike down avoiding a deer this week. You have to really be alert on this road.
  4. Any takers on whether or not this driver was texting about driving?
  5. $10 says no.
    He was in the car with parents as I understand it. Tragic for both but especially the biker. The kid will have to live with this for a whole lotta years most likely.
  6. I had a kid in a Suburban with his dad cruising around the parking lots and warehouses learning how to drive. Wonder if could have been the same people?

    Thing is take the keys away, suspend his ability to get a DL, and then mandatory mental health help. That is a lot for a 15 year old to deal with.
  7. "She" was in the car with her parents.

    I thought permits were for day time driving only?? I'm pretty sure they are in WA.

    Technically the licensed driver is responsible for the loss of control of the vehicle, so I don't think I'd automatically say she "shouldn't drive for a long time". Both the licensed and permitted vehicle operators should be cited. I can't believe they have to consider anything.
  8. This is a nightmare. I've got a 16 yr. old daughter that is learning to drive. There are so many things we take for granted, that a new driver simply doesn't know. Although she's been through two driving schools (she ran in 3 events at the State track meet last year and had to miss too many classes so she had to take the course again) and still didn't know how to properly merge and allow other cars to merge, thought she could make a "free left" on a green light, and misses stop signs from time to time. My wife or I ride with her every day, and she's getting much better, but new drivers are remarkably bad. This one's a tragedy all the way around. RIP rider.
  9. SHERWOOD, Ore. - A motorcyclist died in a crash that shut down Southwest Roy Rogers and Scholls-Sherwood roads Thursday night for about four hours, according to police.

    Investigators said 66-year-old Dale Smith from King City was killed when a 15-year-old girl driving a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban went onto the shoulder, over-corrected, crossed the center line and hit Smith.

    Witnesses say passers-by tried to revive Smith before medics arrived.

    The teen, who is from Hubbard, was driving with a valid Oregon instruction permit at the time of the crash. There was a licensed driver and another passenger in the vehicle. They were not hurt.

    A sergeant associated with the investigation into the crash said the Washington County District Attorney's Office will review the case and decide if the teen should be charged or cited.
  10. Sometimes all the planning and readiness are not enough. In this case and on that road the closing speeds were probably too high for any kind of adequate reaction. Plus one to Brian's comment about telling your family you love them before your ride. No one is invincible.

    Horrible incident for all those involved.
  11. +1
  12. Since when was a suburban considered an ok vehicle for kids to learn how to drive in? Maybe they should have stuck her in a freightliner first. Idiots.
  13. Where are Yall getting that she was with her parents? The article I am reading states there was a licensed driver and another passenger not that they were the parents. Stupid teens don't drive with stupid friends?
  14. I disagree, any car in the hands of a new driver can kill, and over correcting can happen to anyone. My first car at 14yo was a 1948 Ford F1 with a 429-PI, a tank with plenty of go.
  15. Suburban or a Geo metro, it really doesn't matter, a 2000 pound or a 6000 pound vehicle will win every time.

    The time of day is what I feel was a fault for the of the parent in this case, having someone try to learn on a twisty road during rush hour? Really?

    This is so sad for both sides this time, but it was totally preventable with a little common sense.
  16. Yeah, but 14yr olds back then were as smart probably smarter than most 21 year olds are today.
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  18. This one is starting to hit close to home (other than I ride that stretch of road all the time).

    A friend of mine worked with Dale for a few years and is pretty broken up about it.

    Such a shame.
  19. well let's see...

    - drove onto the shoulder : tires leaving the roadway (they love to site us for this, when we make a mistake)
    - crossed the center-line : careless or reckless driving
    - killed somebody : vehicular manslaughter

    but they are trying to decide if he should be charged...

    FK YOU mr district attorney !!!! I hope the next person he kills is a member of your family, you spineless fk.

    :tard: :rant :x :rant
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