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8-15-12 ride

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by Lucky Strike, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. If any one in interested there is a show that triple xxx rootbear drive in is putting on called Burgers and bikes this Sunday ill post website below.

    Im a church man so probably couldn't meet up until 12:30-1 then a ride down to issaquah for a burger and show :popcorn:!! Just wanna see if people are interested its always way batter to ride with a group then solo.

    If enough people show interest by saturday night ill post my cell number so we can all meet up.
  2. Do people not realize its July
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  3. Repost... Idk how long the show its actually gonna b for, but its always a good ride to Issaquah and the food at Triple X is better :mrgreen:
  4. a. I want to go
    B. I want to ride
    3. I have a shit pile of work so don't know if I can go yet...lets call it 50/54. Have to see how much work I get done tomorrow.
  5. 7-15-12

    must have clicked 8 on accident i apologize..

    Correction the bike show takes place on 7-15-12
  6. May be up for tomorrow anyone from tacoma or puyallup going? Tried clicking on that link and it says it doesn't work anymore
  7. Well im definitely going ill be headed there around 1 ill be at the Starbucks on 129th on pacific in spanaway ill stay there for about 15 minutes if anyone shows up then ill head out

    my number 253-777-2797 call me if your running late or you want more info.
  8. now out, work called me in.doh
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  9. im gonna try and head up in the morning if i wake up
  10. anyone up it looks kinda iffy out. But still thinking im going to try and head up.
  11. I have been checking the hourly weather at weather channel and it says it will be cloudy but no rain as of right now. so im still going as scheduled.
  12. ok cool im leaving now. my number is 253 312 0414 so hit me up anyone that goes, it would be cool to meet up with some of you
  13. Lots o Harley's cool stunt riders though
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  14. I'll be heading out to the Starbucks in a few minutes. See you there.
  15. well it was not that impressive. The stunt riders were cool though.
    anyone make it up before it pretty much ended?
  16. When is this going to happen?
  17. got there around 2:30 saw the stunt show and the award show then it seemed pretty much over alot of people left and went riding....but it was still a fun ride out there, short but worth it i think.
  18. Were you at Sonics today? Got there right when you were leaving. Not often do you meet a fellow Grahamkracker. Maybe on the next one.
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