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8-2-2012 Thursday Night Bike Night at Lady Luck

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by SkiPunk11, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Cool beans
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  2. We going to be hanging out with all the Ruff Riders too???
  3. I didnt see them there when I went a couple of weeks ago
  4. This would mean you have to show up and find out too!
  5. I can make this! I'll bring my cowgirl boots!
  6. psssssst.....BUMP.....time to get this rolling !
  7. I will check my schedule if its a work night for me.Why cant there be closer bike night to me.Oh well, may see you there.
  8. I can probably make this.
  9. There is - you just don't like us.
  10. I'll try to make it...but Yolanda is sitting on stands in the garage right now chainless and without a countershaft nut.... hope the parts come in tmrw.
  11. I will try to make this. Might bring my brother if his bike is running properly
  12. I'm out.

    Got sick a couple of days ago. Not getting better... Hopefully I can attend next bike night.
  13. You know it is thursday right?
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  14. Won't be there til later, probably 8-8:30.
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