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9/2 ride up the gorge.

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Mrmat25, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. I am heading up the gorge tomorrow with a few other folks. We are meeting up at 10 at the Washougal SBUX and heading out shortly thereafter. We may hit Rowena Loops, Klickitat, Trout Lake, etc... We will discuss the route before departure, but heading East for sure and will be riding for most of the day.

    291 C Street
    Washougal, WA

    Come on along the water is fine.
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  2. Sounds like fun. I'll probably be there.
  3. Depending on the trip back I'll be in Stevenson most of tonight for a friends birthday. So if your in Stevenson anytime after 5pm I'll probably be at either El Rio or CXXX (On the waterfront down by the pier)
  4. Sorry Matt. Gonna have to bow out, I'm not really feeling well this morning. Have a safe trip.
  5. Thanks guys! I had a great time!

  6. Thanks for the route Mat. It was a great day to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. Not to mention Rowena Loops!!!! Wow! Some serious fun can be found on that road!!! I'll post up my pictures when I make it home......

    Thanks again,
  7. [​IMG]

    The rides awaiting more abuse.


    The infamous Rowena loops. My first trip through this sinuous set of perfect pavement.


    Mat swinging into the turns.


    My bad, but I forgot your name...... I suck!


    My trusty steed waiting for me.


    Apparently I need to take more pictures, sorry guys.

    A perfect day in the gorge.
  8. Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing.
  9. It was good to meet you all. This was my first outing with anyone from here, and it was a blast.

    You should have stayed with us Brent you missed a little offroading. We decided to head up to Trout Lake after lunch and figure out a route back once we got there. Long story short, there was an interesting looking road, but based on the map, it looked like it might be a dirt road. We asked one of the locals, and she told us it was paved with a little bit of gravel. It wasn't. crackup: About 20 yards from the turnoff, it went to dirt, but we kept going.

    I'll say this, it was entertaining to watch 3 CBR's do some dual sporting. :mfclap: It was the only time all day that me and my V-Strom were faster than the rest of the pack. Oh, and the best part was when we got about 12 - 15 miles down the road, it dead ends. So we had to turn around and go all the way back.

    A good day all around though.
  10. That is awesome! Sounds like A ride a friend and I did on a triumph speed triple and ZX1000 two years back. I didn't get to see trout lake. I had a lot of fun though.
  11. A great day and fun times were had by all. Thanks all.
  12. Here's what they look like when you are riding through them. The video doesn't get interesting until the 1:30 mark.

  13. Thanks for the 3:50 I go down for one more "lap"....see!

  14. WOW, looks like a really nice ride! I gotta join you guys next time!
  15. So did you guys end up taking NFS 90/23 back? It sounds like you missed the turn for it. :scratchea
  16. Great pics. Looks like you guys and gal had fun! Good to see more Triumph in the houssss too. :p
  17. Ha. We ended up going up to Trout Lake and stopped in at the gas station. The attendant gave us a map and we started planning how to get back to Cougar. Unfortunately, Jen saw a little road with a bunch of twisties on it and thought we might try it. Jason and I were a bit leary, but a kind local woman with a baby (who looked compeletly reliable) told us the road had a few patches of gravel, but was mostly paved. I am sure she had a good laugh after we left because the road was all gravel, somehow the markers were wrong, we missed a turn, and it dead ended on us.

    We made to The Walking Man by 8 pm so all was good. We all managed to keep it upright while riding about 30 miles of gravel.

    So Greg you coming over to wash my bike off (since I fully blame us getting lost on you, since you bailed on the ride and were supposed to be the one showing us some cool roads)? :stir::popcorn::stir:

    PS... Jen says if you bail on a ride you are not allowed to ask questions about it. :scared:stir::popcorn::scared

    Muah ha ha
  18. [​IMG]

    Mat swinging into the turns.

    Looks more like Matt dragging an anchor through the turns.

    Repsol = Marlin
    SuperHawk = Greg
    Black/Green CBR = Jen
    V-strom = Jason
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