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9/3/12 sparks firehouse 7pm

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by mehoff636, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Hope to be back in town by then.
  2. i have a spot reserved for 10 people
  3. anyone going??? if not will just reschedule
  4. Make it Thursday and I will be I'm out
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  5. Canceled..... got to many maybes and no ins
  6. Well then NOW what?? A guy has to eat!!
  7. Sit at home and wish you didnt have a harley?:nana
  8. Now you're starting to sound like Mike!!
  9. Lol sorry i take it back..... you can uncancel it....
  10. I need to log on more. Showed up and it had been cancled. Damn
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