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9/30 Johnston Ridge

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Mrmat25, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Heading up to Johnston Ridge 9/30. Meet up @ SBUX (8720 NE Centerpointe Dr, Vancouver, Washington) at 11 KSU at 11:30.
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  2. Good times with some good folks. 8 of us all together and it looks like everyone had a blast. Someone put up some pictures.

  3. Can't wait. Considering I had to work all weekend, I could at least live vicariously through your pics.
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  4. i knew i should have checked this board today.
  5. Well I only took one (today) up top in the parking lot.


    I do have another one from way back in April when there was still lots of snow up there (since you are riding vicariously and all).

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  6. Great day to be out James and you are always more than welcome to ride with me.

    So how did you spend your sunny Sunday since you didn't hit the ride with us or the ride with the guys who did Carson/Cougar? :nana:stir::nana
  7. Had a suuuuper sick time today. Got to break in the woodcrafts and asv's. I know matt and Jason concur on the good time as well as my brother. We were scooting right along for sure. Thinking about hitting it again next Sunday.
  8. Thanx buddy the snow brings back some memories. Was a few miles from the parking lot, with my wife on the back and had ice rain stuff hitting my visor. I guess I was a little too eager that year. At that point I thought it was safer to turn around. Good times.
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