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9.4.12 Fossil

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by crippy, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Meet at the 76 in Oregon City on 213 just off I205. KSU @ 8:30. 400ish miles of some of the best roads the PNW has to offer.
  2. Is the route the fun one through Estacada, over NF-42 then Tygh Valley and so on? 'cause, I'd be up for that. I can't force myself to ride out 26.

  3. Of course. There's no way in hell I could force myself to do that either.
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  5. Can't make this round mike! Have fun though!

    I might be able to make it to the coast run on the 5th though!
  6. Bummer. I might not make that one. You pick a day that fits yiur schedue and we'll ride. Just let me know
  7. Sounds like fun, been meaning to get away from the coast for a bit. Wish I could do the whole trip, but Tygh Valley will have to be my turn back point (work issues)
  8. Beautiful day for a ride!
  9. Shit!!! Just stopped at the cash machine and realized I left my card somewhere, I'm out. How awesome. Fuuuuck!!!!
  10. That sucks, I'm at the coffee house at the 76 across from home depot if anyone still wants to do the ride.
  11. So we're here in Fossil after a great ride. Sucks to be you, dunnit?
  12. Awesome day for a ride. Grabbing some food.

  13. Great ride today! Had fun with ya, Patrick. It's always fun to introduce someone to the Fossil run.
  14. Crippy/PeeJay let's do this ride again next week or so after I get my bike dailed! I'm so freakin pissed I couldn't make this :/
  15. Sounds good. I was more than a little dissapointed too
  16. Just got back, what a blast. Glad I stuck out the whole ride past Tygh Valley. Easily the best part of the trip. Huge thanks to peejay for showing me the route.

    The little 400 was screaming all day. My patch job on the fuel pump failed, so bike will be in the garage until I get new breaker points in.
  18. Same here........:thumbrig:

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