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A couple videos from Saturday's ride.

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by IdahoRally, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. Had a pretty nice ride day yesterday before work with a friend of mine.. hit up Old Spiral Highway, then SR-129 all the way to Anatone. We messed around with my GoPro trying out different mounts and angles.. ended up with some pretty decent footage.

    Spiral up and down... at around 12:08 we met five Porsches that were MOBBING up the grade.

    SR-129 Up

    A little drag race :)

    SR-129 Down

    I some how managed to get a scratch on my camera's lense, so if you are wondering about the permanent fuzzy spot near the center of the frame, that would be it.
  2. Is the Spiral Highway patrolled by local cops on a regular basis?

  3. I go up there 4 or 5 times a week and have never had a run in. I have a radar on my bike too and it hasn't ever even chirped. Generally though I wait until after the first few corners to hammer it, to be out of sight of the department. The only time I've heard of people getting in trouble up there is if you piss off a motorist/resident enough that they call you in.
  4. Thanks, I plan on hitting it within the next month, and also plan to hit the LoLo Pass up in Montana, all on the same weekend. I hit the Rattlesnake Grade last year from Enterpirse Or, and went through Lewiston not knowing about the highway so I have to return.
  5. I really want to hit that highway. It's a shame that it's so far.
  6. thanks for the video - nice
  7. Cool vids, thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks for viewing! If any of you make it my way send me a pm ill drop what im doing for a spiral session anytime.
  9. I'll probably do that. Always best to have the locals show the area.

    My plans is to ride up either one Friday evening after work, spend the night in Lewiston and hit the Spiral Saturday Morning and then work my way to LoLo pass and back down to Boise the same day. Or, ride Saturday morning and hit the Spiral Hwy in the afternoon or evening, spend the night and hit Lolo Pass and back down to Boise on Sunday. Either way, the second day will be a 600 mile day, which I have logged dozens of times.
  10. Most definitely hit it early on Saturday.. it seems to draw a lot of crowds during the summer.. whether it be bicycle rallies, harley groups, cars, etc. As I said feel free to hit me up. It would also be worth it to take an extra hour or so and go out to Asotin and do the SR-129 Grade (en route to rattlesnake). It has a much cleaner road surface and a good ole 5 mile straight stretch at the top :)
  11. Okay, I will plan on a late Friday evening arrival. Probably some weekend in July. Yeah, I hit that stretch before from the other direction when I rode the Rattlesnake Grade last year from Enterprise. It was Epic!