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A few questions about dealerships.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by JoeSzup, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Some may say do your homework and read the doesn't matter what someone ELSE thought of the bike. It only matter what YOU, the paying customer, thought of the bike. Are reviews worthless? Not really but it needs to be combined with YOUR test ride. Of course, you need to be serious unless it's a no obligation demo ride which many but not all dealers do. Those test rides are designed to put something in your brain that may bring you back later, even a year later ready to buy.......
  2. Was re-reading this and realized I put the wrong name on the dealership in Monroe. Adventure Motorsports.
    Can't imagine any dealership not letting someone test ride a bike they are interested in. That is their business, selling motorcycles. BUT, I suppose perhaps they have figured out 'somehow' that not letting people put miles on bikes and 'wasting' time with them does not affect their bottom line... You can almost always find a used bike like the one you want at a dealer to ride.
    I know a lot do not like my "Give me a price out the door and I will say yes or no." Some will do it, some will not. I am not going to sit down and play the back and forth paperwork game. Either I get a verbal bottom line price or we go into the managers office together and get it done in minutes.
    I have bought four new cars that way over a 30 year period. If a dealership tells me "We don't do it that way" I walk. Lot's of dealerships would like to sell me a bike or car.

  3. My experience with Ride Motorsports in Woodinville a few years ago was negative.
    Walked out on the salesman and test rode the bike I wanted at Moto International, bought the bike same day.
    Things may have since changed, but that salesman was uncooperative.
  4. I'm late to the party, but in March 2016 I had a similar good experience with Power Yamaha in Sublimity OR.
    I spotted a new bike on CycleTrader, called and asked for a test ride, they said they'd have it ready when I came in - and they did. They had me sign a "you break it, you buy it" document, and five minutes later I was test-riding the bike.
    They didn't want to dicker on the price, but it was a pretty good price so I wan't too concerned. I'd buy from them again.
    I've heard similar reports about Beaverton Motorcycles (which is actually in Tigard, OR - go figure), but I've never purchased from them.
  5. Holy thread resurrection Batman.

    For the record, I bought a FJ-09 back in May of this year and love it!
  6. research-research-research figure out what bike you want, research it for hours, even days... (price),,,(motorcycle magazine reviews),,, I have had good luck coming up with the price i want to pay.. called a dealership up in portland that had the bike i wanted.. agreed on a price.. I caught a ride up there.went for a test ride,,. signed the paperwork,, handed them the money and rode home.. no hassles.