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A Good Adventure Bike, Choices?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Chad Mathis, May 23, 2017.

  1. Been on a liter bike for the past 8 years, got rid of the Yami R1 and now looking for a on road / off road bike. Any thoughts on the Honda Africa or the suzuki vstrom xt or the yamaha super tenere? I'm looking for something comfortable, yet I can take a week long road trip to california and be comfortable. Any thoughts?
  2. Little late but I do like my Tiger 800. Wouldn't want the Tiger Explorer but the little kitty is just right for an all-rounder. Most of the guys I know who have them came off of Weestroms and are favorably impressed, but coming off the R1 you might miss a lot of the power since Tiger's limited to 95 HP due to EU licensing. You might prefer something more like a KTM 1190 or 1290 ADV which has gob loads more power.

  3. africa twin all the way! if i could afford it id get one today. i test rode it, its amazing. been winning all sorts of awards as well its pretty much the best bike on the market right now
  4. I'm on a vstrom 650. Great bike.
    But I think I wanna upgrade to a tenere or Africa twin. The tenere is shaft drive. That's appealing to me.
  5. I ride a 2013 Yamaha super tenere and I am loving it. I have put 13xxx miles on it so far and have swapped tires from stock street to k60 scouts 50:50.

    I think vStrom and super tenere are good mid range (money wise) adventure dual sport bikes.
  6. Big lag in responses, but since I saw this pop up, I'm weirdly visiting, and it's on my list of research items - it was nice to see!

    From my casual looking,
    • I'm a bit turned off by Teneres due to the low clearance and I don't like how the oil filter is right where it can get mauled by a good rock.
    • Africa Twin seems to get some flak for being really expensive for what you get? The only negative I see is the shock tuning, which is something you'd want done on anything you get, anyway.
    • BMW isn't doing anything new... but they don't have to
    • KTM is making very good, very reliable options as of late. They always get the nod for 'soul' in reviews.
    • I'm not as aware of other choices.

    On my short analysis then,
    • BMW for "everyone else has one, why not you", which should bring ease of repairs. Hopefully inexpensive then, too? :rolleyes:
    • KTM for fun
    • Honda for reliability and probably cheapest fix it parts?
  7. IMHO... depends on intended usage. More dirt friendly... Africa Twin (mines DCT). More road worthy Vstrom... Bikes are like hammers, different ones for different uses. upload_2018-1-16_7-43-4.jpeg
  8. I’m sure to elicit some comments about a buzzy engine, etc., but my F800GS is a good do it all bike. I have toured, gone for festive rides, and commute on it. 60,000 miles now. I get around 50 mpg in all arenas, and the semi street tires I run last 7500 miles or so. You might have a bit of trouble finding a used one, though. I don’t see more than 1 or 2 pop up at a time on CL. All that said, I did do some fiddling and replacing of things to get it right in my mind, but I think any serious rider does that. Good luck!