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A Good Adventure Bike, Choices?

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by Chad Mathis, May 23, 2017.

  1. Been on a liter bike for the past 8 years, got rid of the Yami R1 and now looking for a on road / off road bike. Any thoughts on the Honda Africa or the suzuki vstrom xt or the yamaha super tenere? I'm looking for something comfortable, yet I can take a week long road trip to california and be comfortable. Any thoughts?
  2. Little late but I do like my Tiger 800. Wouldn't want the Tiger Explorer but the little kitty is just right for an all-rounder. Most of the guys I know who have them came off of Weestroms and are favorably impressed, but coming off the R1 you might miss a lot of the power since Tiger's limited to 95 HP due to EU licensing. You might prefer something more like a KTM 1190 or 1290 ADV which has gob loads more power.

  3. africa twin all the way! if i could afford it id get one today. i test rode it, its amazing. been winning all sorts of awards as well its pretty much the best bike on the market right now
  4. I'm on a vstrom 650. Great bike.
    But I think I wanna upgrade to a tenere or Africa twin. The tenere is shaft drive. That's appealing to me.