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A run to wynachee!

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by Solow89, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. The road was amazing once past the chip crap. Super long sweepers.. Oh yea. 90% of the time was in triple digits. Highly recommend everyone go check this place out. If the vid doesn't work on your mobile just go to youtubes main website and try there

    And would someone be able to tell me where to read all the websites functions in posts so I can embed or w/e
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  2. Hey Emery, looked llike a fun ride.
    Are you talking about Wenatchee or Wynoochee? :scratchea
    Trying to figure out where the roads you are talking about?

  3. I think It was Wenatchee... It's like 25 miles of super twistys with chip seal for the first 10 and the rest is freshly paved heaven to carve a line in. It goes back to a dam that has a park with a lake that is really really secluded. Gorgeous. Lepy and Carr now exactly were it is
  4. That would be Wynoochee Dam. Wenatchee is on the Columbia river. :mrgreen:
  5. Thank you good sir
  6. such an epic ride!