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Advanced riders

Discussion in 'Central' started by R-6_Rookie, May 17, 2005.

  1. Looking for some skilled riders to ride with in the area, I am fairly new to riding and the area. Anyone who would like to ride just post up.

  2. Hey theres an assload of great riders up here in spokane, might be worth the jaunt, or meet in the middle sometime, round up a few of the spokane krazies and add them to Mike/jason down there, would be a good time!


  3. Good luck finding anyone with skill in Tri-Cities :) , although there is a '05 gixxer6 who can WHEEEEEEEELIE like a mofo...don't believe me, just ask him.
  4. I seen a lot of bikes out this past weekend in the parking lot of Hastings and running around, so I know there are a lot of riders in the area. I was just looking for some more experienced riders so I am not taking advice from another rookie that does not know what he is talking about...
    Johnny-B.. I have heard about a guy here on a Suzuki 600 named Ken I believe that can wheelie for a long ways, I have not seen just heard about it, he might be the one your referring to.
  5. I really hope its not the same guy that Johnny is talking about!!! I think it was some funny shit after you guys schooled his ass and he left!!! I think he knew that he just got his ass handed to him!! But remember he can wheelie and thats all he can do!!!! waht a dip shit!!
    ps if you see a bunch of guys on clearwater friday or saturday nights that is more then likely us. I ride a SV1000 Stop in and say hi but waht ever you do don't say you can wheelie!!!
  6. <-----cant wheelie very well, but have some really worn knee pucs. Does that not count for skill? :roll:
  7. call me 551-8065, im not "advanced" by anymeans, but im down for riding
  8. There were a TON of motorcycle riders in and around the Hastings when I was there this past weekend. Myself and WaSSted arrived right before 10pm and prolly saw 20+ motorcycles in the lot, and another 20+ were leaving as we arrived.

    Get them on the forum here, so there are rides going up daily. So it gives us an excuse to ride out there to meet up for a ride. TriCities is only two hours away from Spokane and/or Pullman.
  9. why are you here and not at the dealership bish! :D
  10. I'm not experienced, I've only been riding for two summers. I don't think I even qualify as "knowing what I'm talking about," I would say I'm learning. If that doesn't bother you I'll ride with you. I also have a couple of friends who like to ride. The more the marrier right?