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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Third Wednesday of every month @ 6pm

    * EDIT: LOCATION NO LONGER SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! It's at 6pm at Loafers Station every time!
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  2. Great idea. :bump:

    Wednesdays are good for me, but I don't know Albany restaurants that well.

  3. Hey, to the forum but not new to Albany. I used to ride with a lot of folks on SBWS so some of you probably know me.

    If you are considering Mexican, Los Tequilas in Albany would be a great spot. It has covered parking because it used to be an A&W drive in. Their food is excellent and there is a lot of variety. They also have some big tables set up end-to-end for large groups. I'm sure they'd welcome us there. If you don't know where it's at, it's right across Santiam from Fred Meyer. It shares the parking lot with Cork's Donuts.
  4. Good Idea! I've heard great things about Los Tequilas but have never been there.
  5. Los Tequilas is excellent! I have been there plenty of times. Reasonably priced as well. I had not thought of the covered parking, as it is very advantageous in the winter. I think we should see how others feel. Chime in!! I think a family type restaurant would work well. I have been informed of other happenings on the third Thursday. Thursday is out. We are down to Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Let's hear the votes.
  6. albany works just fine my mom lives out there
  7. I'd be down, that is when and if I'm in the country. I may be out there around the 19th or 20th of August. Just let me know and if I'm in the country I'll show.
  8. Tomorrow 7/15 is the 3rd Wednesday of the month, otherwise 7/21 is the 3rd Tuesday.

    Are we meeting tomorrow or next Tuesday? Los Tequilas? What time?
  9. Is this in addition to the Corvallis Bike Night?
  10. Yes, that is how I read it at least.
  11. Yay, another night of riding AND not cooking!! :mfclap:
  12. This is in addition to Corvallis Bike Night, another meet n' greet and reason to ride.

    Corvallis Bike night is the first Wednseday of the month Albany Bike night would be 3rd week of the month (either Tuesday or Wednesday).
  13. Too far.

    (Just kiddin!)
  14. In addition, as well as closer for some of the folks who won't go to c-ville.

    It will be the Tuesday or Wednesday in the third week of the month. That gives us two options for each month. So if you can't make one, then you get the other. Extra credit for both. I will probably never make it to coffee, as Saturdays fill fast.

    I am thinking of running with Los Tequilas as the spot. I will consult the owners first, but I would assume they will be on board. The question now is which night? I am thinking a dry run on the 21st or the 22nd, 6pm seems good.
  15. what do you mean by "dry" - I hope that doesn't mean I'll go thirsty :drunk:
  16. Perhaps a poor choice of words. Let us say, a practice run. The 22nd is technically the 4th Wednesday. At this moment, we have short notice to say the least. So the true first Albany Bike Night would be in August. My birthday is on August, so it would give you all time to shop :nana

    If someone wants to print t-shirts or posters, the 21st or 22nd is a practice bike night, with discussion on what folks would like to see at the first night. I need votes. Without votes it will likely be Wednesday, after thirsty Tuesday and before Thirsty Thursday.

    Did you hear that? Darn cat. :banghead: Gotta go!
  17. I vote Wednesday, easy to remember.
  18. I agree with Wednesday... people will have issues with any night you pick because it falls on my Bowling, Underwater hockey, Royal order of Waterbuffalo Meeting, Work, class night. You are organizing and have the energy to make it happen. Choose what works best for you! If people want to be there... they will make it happen or adjust. Just IRO (In Rick's Opinion).
  19. Good call. I was waiting for someone else to say it first. First practice run will be on Wednesday 22nd at Los Tequilas in Albany. Bring any ideas for future bike nights. I will talk with the owners first, but I can not imagine not wanting customers, ever. I hope to see some of you there. Jason
  20. Looks like a decision has been made on time, date and place so I stickied this thread.

    :mfclap: Thanks to Jason for putting this together:mfclap: