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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. sounds good o wait what time ?
  2. 7pm? I'm voting for late-ish because I bicycle home from Corvallis and need to freshen up before heading out.

    Edit: Actually, I suppose I should ask what the protocols are for these gatherings.

    Is this dinner and a ride or just dinner and BS-ing and then go home or is it a free-form unstructured come/go as you please? A group I used to meet with in the evenings would often go for spirited rides after dinner. This wasn't my favorite activity because it was always dark which made me uncomfortable for the pace they tried to keep up. Hence...I didn't participate in the night rides.

    What's the itinerary?
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  3. I started the Corvallis bike nights and we sit around and BS get to know other riders. However, all riders are more than welcome to go for a ride. One of the guys put a ride together last bike night, half the group went for the ride, the rest of us stuck around, enjoyed beverages and welcomed the late comers.
    CBN is more "a free-form unstructured come/go as you please" event.
  4. I suppose I should have stated that. Free for all. 7pm is good. It gives everyone a chance to get off work and make it. Plus, you can always get there early and eat first. Rides after are not planned by me, but what the hey, do as you please.

    Officially: Los Tequilas @ 7PM Wednesday 22nd JULY :mfclap:

    I will talk with the owners. But we have decided. We really don't need approval anyhow.
  5. i should be able to make it
  6. I will make it. Look for the Blue and White Bandit(o). Jason
  7. What time are you headed over Rick?
    Do the Corvallis Riders want to meet somewhere and ride over together?
    We could roll in on the Albany Riders like the bas*ass biker gang we are.
  8. Does that mean we should meet at the bad ass Creekside coffee bar?
    Meet at 6:15, Kickstands up at 6:30.
  9. I was thinking of meeting at HP building 11, kickstands up at 6, for departure on scenic route to Albany:
  10. I'm open for either... where is building 11 and do we (the common folk) have access to it?
  11. Here's a map showing where B11 is:

    My Hyper should be in the parking lot. Kickstands up at 6. Come earlier (~5:30) if you'd like to see what OSU does here (we have the whole building, filled it with lasers and other cool shit!). It's an engineer/mechanic/geek playground :eek:nline2long:. You'll have to call me (223-1714, 713-1334) or ring the doorbells to get in. Door is under the ONAMI sign.

    HP does not have guards at the stations anymore, so you have access to everything but the buildings. HP is now a good place for newbies to learn how to ride a motorcycle :mrgreen:
  12. hmm im up for that ooo i redid my tail light on my bike soo let me no how annoying it is cause its really bright
  13. you can ride sweep again :nana
  14. First your exhaust and now your lights? elton, you don't really have to mod your bike to ride sweep, you can just ask.:nana
  15. Damn! I should have ridden the motorcycle to work today!

    ...o wait...I just renewed my registration today...never mind.
  16. maybe i should get a harley that smokes and is really loud ?
  17. See you around 5:30pm at HP Bldg 11.

  18. Wife is leaving in the morning for the weekend so I should stick around with her tonight. You guys have fun, if we are over that way we may stop in.
  19. damn checked the site to late to go over :x. Well i will for sure be at the next corvallis bike night, it will give me something to do