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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Was nice to have Brandon back (with the girlfriend), and thankfully Rick had a Costco trip planned, and stopped by. Mad respect for Matt for riding to bike night, and taking his lunch hour from work to join us. You regulars know I love ya...
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  2. Hopefully we'll be able to ride there next month. We're picking up a bike in Redding on Saturday.

  3. What's she getting, anyaway?!?!
  4. Yamaha XT225. It's a beginner bike with decent capabilities.
  5. Hell, maybe I'll be able to make it in April since I'll finally have my endorsement! Finally get to meet the folks Nakedcheezewhiz:nana keeps talking about. actually I'll be able to tomorrow for those of you going to his place for the race.
  6. Just keep bringing the hockey tickets over, and I'll ignore that cheese comment.:rant
  7. Brandon, is she starting her class on thursday, the 24th?
  8. Cheesedick!!
  9. I love it when you talk dirty to me...:lol:
  10. She did, unfortunately she didn't pass the skills test (by 1 point) so no endorsement yet. I'm trying to get her to get her permit so we can go practice.
  11. My Buddy Don was in that class, he had the morning course group. Tell her to not give up.
  12. I passed my test by 1 point. I then bought a motorcycle and made the guy ride it to my house. I was too scared to ride it for about another month and I don't think I left my residential area for 3-4 months after that. I learned and rode all by myself until I moved back up here. Tell her to keep at it and she's lucky to have so many people to ride with!
  13. She stopped at the DMV this afternoon but was too late to take the test. I just put fresh tires on her bike, waiting on a brake lever. We're close to LBCC so we can go over there to practice on the course.
  14. I was test driving a bike before my wife did this last weekend and drove by LBCC and through the parking lot where they do the training... there were a few cones (large cones!) out and two people. One rider, and one coach it looked like.

    I am definitely going to take my new bike, me, my wife, and her new bike (when she gets one) to that parking lot and practice practice practice.... why not?
  15. Great place to get some time on the bike, and get comfortable. If she wants a book to look at (Team Oregon) let me know. I have a couple.
  16. the knowledge test through DMV is a bit easier than the written we had in the class. She should pass it with no problem at all. Good luck to her:mrgreen:
  17. I remember the DMV test being really easy so that doesn't surprise me.

    She had no trouble getting her permit. Now we just need to get a decent break in the weather and some free time for practice.
  18. Friday & Saturday (for now) say partly cloudy - 50's.

    Friday - Partly sunny - high 57 - I've GOT to get out Friday! 8)
    Saturday -30% chance of rain, so there should be some dry patches for practice!
  19. Albany Bike Night, Wednesday the 20th. 6 P.M. at Sam City in Albany.

    Come on out and share some of your recent ride stories, we are VBR friendly, and don't judge on what kind of bike you ride. Unless you ride a MadAss, then we judge... Oh man how we judge.
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  20. Hope to see everyone THIS WEDNESDAY night @ Sam City.

    If you're thinking about going to PIR Thursday - Only $169!!! - this will be the last chance to finalize details!!!
    Cutback - gotta make it, Man!
    CBRiceman - you KNOW you want to!!!!
    SamEyeHam - Got Rearsets?!?

    For riders with 5000+ road miles under their belts...
    If you've been curious about doing a track day, the PASSING RULES are quite strict for the "C" or "100" level group.
    You'll have a BLAST!
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