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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. I was really trying to make this one...but I won't be able to. I'll shoot for next month. Sorry guys.
  2. Thats ok Coyote, maybe we'll be down for friday night.

  3. Great turnout tonight, always a pleasure to share some good food, stories, and laughter. Stayed dry all the way home, could this be a sign of good weather to come?

    Thanks to all who turned out, and shared in the good times. Hope to see you all in Corvallis, Eugene, or any other bike night you can support. As rowdy as we sometimes get, it's great to give our local community a positive view of us as a group.
  4. Thanks man, but we're not meeting until May 13th. 2nd Friday of the month. Glad y'all had a great turnout. It's amazing what a little bit of good weather does for attendance huh?
  6. Bike night on the 18th, come on out and spend an evening with us. Sam City in Albany. Starts at 6:00 P.M. and ends whenever you feel like leaving. Plenty of parking, lots of seating, and a good time everytime.
  7. +1
    Turnout has TRIPLED since weather started getting nicer.
    Everyone seems to be having a blast :mfclap:
  8. Really nice to see the group starting to grow, we have had some old familiar faces show up, and gained some new ones. Really appreciate the support shown to our fledgling bike night. I recall last summers roving bike nights got pretty large, so I'm hoping with it stabalized we can keep our following growing.
  9. I have a feeling I may be able to make more of them in the future.
  10. Good to know Travis, we look forward to whatever new mods/farkles you've installed on the fizzer. Makes me realize how lazy I've been with mine.
  11. Albany Bike Night is TONIGHT!!!

    :secret: Hope to see you there!!!
  12. Had a great time at my first Albany Bike Night. Thanks for being nice to the new guy.

    Only downside to the night was getting pulled over on the way home. :roll:

    Blue GSXR
  13. Damn...that must've been you sitting to the left of me & in front of Limoncello. What did they stop you for? Speeding? Did you get a ticket?

    Anyway, thanks for letting the Eugene Crew crash the party. Here are a few pics I snapped from tonight.



  14. DOH! :oops:
  15. Bravura and I saw you on the side of the road with Deputy Friendly. Hope it went OK.
  16. It all ended well. Just got a little too friendly with my right hand twist. I was straight up and honest with the officer and he was a nice guy. I was on my way shortly after you guys passed by. :) I will admit, I get the feeling having a clean record really helps with the officer's decision of ticket vs. not ticket while on the side of the road.
  17. Glad to hear it. I went through the Benton County Citizens Academy a few years ago and all most all of them are very cool. Several even ride!
  18. Man nice turnout, sorry I missed but hope to make Corvallis. Thanks everyone for the well wishes, and visits. Working on my keyboarding skills is a challenge, my normal typos and spelling errors are magnified by the injuries and good meds. See ya soon.
  19. Albany bike night wednesday June 15th. Hope to see everyone there.
  20. I'm thinking I'll be able to make it again this month.