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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. I just have a WAY cooler boss than you do!!! :stir:
  2. I completley forgot :banghead: Damn midterms :rant

  3. I know that's true. :rant My boss is a total jackass! censored:
  4. bike night this week? I could use a night off...
  5. Bike night on the 16th, can't wait to see everyone.
  6. See y'all there, Maddy is looking forward to playing straw wrapper flick with Q lol
  7. +1 :devil:
  8. You've got OPTIONS now, my friend...
    Bring the Bimmer, Dude!
  9. [​IMG][/IMG]
    Birthday Boy.
    You stir like a girl.
    Mr. Personality...
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  10. This week!:) look forward to seeing you guys!
  11. Had a really good Bikeless night, no bikes to look at but a good crowd of intellegent people who had enough sense to drive something with a heater.
  12. [​IMG][/IMG]

    Just a sample of the evening, luckily things didn't get out of hand, and the cops weren't needed.:mrgreen:
  13. even though our eyes were glowing like poltergeists crackup:
  14. Better than the back of your head!!! :angry7:
    :scratchea WTF, Dude?!?!?! :rant
  15. I was just showing people another side of you, some people don't have a perfect shaped head. Your so lucky...
  16. shiny and round as a Q-ball... :mrgreen:
  17. The 18th is bike night, according to the "Weather Channel" it's a 60% chance of rain. Oh well, not going to stop me from attenting.

    Who's going to ride?
  18. I may ride... Depends on how heavy a rain