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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. :angry7: How do you feel about SNOW?!?! :rant
  2. I will If I can find someone to ride with from Corvallis.


  3. Maybe I'll make my bike street legal tonight. At the very least I'll plan on caging it.
  4. Me and the kiddo will be there
  5. Grab your fins, clear your mask and come on out to bike night.
  6. 8) Bwaaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaaa :devil:
  7. Nice turnout folks.

    Sorry Q, had to do it.
  8. It was good to finally meet some of y'all. See you at the next one.
  9. Tonight in Corvallis at the Dream...
  10. Bump for this Wednesday!
  11. Hmmmm... :scratchea

    :iroc: vs. vtr2: vs. :mytruck
  12. Weather calls for vtr2:
    Unless they changed their prediction again...
  13. Thanks for coming out tonight, I didn't get as many pics as I intended to, but had a blast talking to everyone.

    Best Kawi mod ever.[​IMG][/IMG]




    Thank you, I think I will.[​IMG][/IMG]

    Ok, maybe Q will instead.[​IMG][/IMG]
  14. Thanks for getting this shot, I figured it was to dark and didn't even try.
  15. Someone had to prove you right.
  16. :tiphat::spoton:
  17. Looks like Sam crossed the double yellow line.



  18. Albany Bike Night is coming up on the 21st.

    Come on out and join us, share some food and show off your ride.