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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Good showing tonight. We had 5 from Albany and 5 from Corvallis (and Siletz). What with the free entrees and the $20 Elton won in the raffle I would say it was a good night. Next time we should have a dance off on that floor.

    But really, it was a good showing. A few new faces and some old favorites. I think the next one is August 19th (Wednesday) at Los Tequilas! This will be the official first Albany Bike Night. Any ideas on the theme?

    Spread the word around.

    "To ride is peace, and a piece is a great ride" Johnathan Von Swartmound :shock:
  2. yea i cant believe i won i never win anything

  3. I get back on leave on the 19th so I should be able to get there. 10.5 hour flight, straight onto the bike, sounds like fun to me.
  4. Sorry I missed it. :sad:

    Week nights are not always optimum for me, besides work has been a nightmare lately. :banghead:

    I'm glad to hear every one had a good time here in Albania.:mfclap:
  5. same spot same time ?
  6. YesssSirrrrr (think Lynyrd Skynyrd) Los Tequilas on the 19th of August. More to come later.
  7. Alright Albany, I'll be landing on the 19th and plan to partake in this bike night. What time?
  8. Where is Los Tequilas in Albany?

  9. Just follow the carnival music comming from the low-riders......
  10. hmm good point basicly right across from the fred myer's gas stion cant miss it

    Los Tequila

    2525 Santiam Hwy SE
    Albany, OR 97322-5212
  11. ok soo wednesday the 19th 7pm
  12. Thanks for letting tag along on the ride wednesday, next month i promise not to drop my bike in the parking lot.
  13. That's the day I get back, I plan on stoping by but I may be a little late.
  14. If I make it, park a good distance away from me. Thank you.
  15. the day and location needs to be added to the first page
  16. Here is what it looks like. Covered parking, hot food and cool chicks. Bring the cool chicks or I will be a liar. Really, the food is good. Family friendly. CRUISER FRIENDLY!! :mfclap:

    7pm Los Tequilas Albany, Oregon.
    Located at 2525 Santiam Hwy, across from Fred Meyers. Gas at Freddy's.

    Run, ride or walk, and have a good time. :evil4:

    Hope to see you there :mrgreen:


  17. :bump: TONIGHT

    Corvallis - who's all going? Are we riding over together?

  18. Bravura, is it you I pass a few times a week around 15th street in Corvallis, by Philomath St? 7:30-ish.....sometimes on the scramber, sometimes the ninja?
  19. That's me, nice Scrambler. You had your little girl on the back the other day?

  20. Some of us from your rival gang might be stopping by to say hello.........