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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. :mrgreen: I had a tent roll still strapped to the back from my weekend camping trip!
  2. She looked like she was holding on pretty tight, must've been another bike. :scratchea

    I do recognize your scrambler, you don't see too many Triumphs out and about.

  3. im going i also talked my mom into it
  4. she on the back of your bike or her own?
  5. Hmm....I do wear a yellow internal frame backpacking pack whenever I have my leathers holds on pretty tightly! Anyway, mysteries abound. Will shoot to try and make this tonight w/ my fiance, so she can represent the grumbly croozers.
  6. she got her own bike lol
  7. I'll meet up and ride if anyone wants to. Location to meet?
  8. Good show!! Lots of folks came by, and most all of them but 1 (hhhmmm Rick) rode in. As promised, Good Food*Hot Chicks. crackup:

    Not to offend anyone, I won't name names. I might forget someone rockets:
    A nice mix of Corvallis and Albany folks. Thanks all! :mfclap:

    Then the Salem crowd showed up :tard: The first wrong step was to make them sit at the kids table :thefinge: and then it got ugly. There were words and some scuffles which led to an all out thumb war. :shock: Let's just say there will be some fellows in Salem tomorrow with bad penmanship. :bs:

    All jokes aside, real nice crowd. Perhaps sometime we should put together a posse to go roust a Salem Bike Night :headbang:

    Here are some picts. of the evening. Albany/Corvallis crowd in the first two, and Salem in the last one :bonk



  9. So there was a good mix of bikes as well. Cruisers, and Harley's none the less. We are so cruiser friendly!! welcome:

    Los Tequilas will never be the same. Here is Olaf to say goodnight. :naka:




    Before I forget, Elton won the raffle again. :evil4:
  10. great turn out again
  11. It was lonely for awhile, though. There was only Balisada's Rebel in lot when Daniel and I arrived, then it was just the three of us until about a quarter of seven when the Corvallis contingent began to roll in... But it turned out well!
  12. Was good to meet everyone, and put names to faces, to....screennames. 8)
  13. Thanks for riding that Scrambler out. That is one sweet ride!!
  14. Look's like a very nice turn out... I was hoping to make it down there too. Had to pack and leave for Sacramento at 8pm... Darn It. Hope to make some of the other bike nights too, in Salem or Corvallis before the rain comes. Would be nice to meet some of you riders... and put a face with screen names.

    Nice pictures you posted up.
  15. Very cool group, nice mix of cruisers, sporty's and the occasional dual sport. nice time.
  16. Next Wednesday is Albany Bike Night. No big plans yet, but we could do a ride before hand. Call it a Taco Cruise....
  17. this Wednesday don't forget
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  18. Hit me up if you are interested in a short ride before hand. Jason
  19. id be up for a short ride
  20. If anyone else is interested in a ride before, post up. I will set up a meeting place and time tomorrow by 3pm if there is some more interest. Otherwise it may just be me and Elton.

    7PM Mexican and Bikes at Los Tequilas.