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Albany Bike Nights - 6PM at Loafers Station

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by hrothgarbike, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Hey all, good to see some familiar faces tonight. Looks like the Corvallis ‘gang’ out numbered the local Albanians though. Good food and nice to meet some new riders, the banana margarita was pretty good too!

    Ducatichick – you’re still king ..err… I mean queen of Decker Road, yahoo! :notworth:
  2. Sorry I missed this one. I was up in Canada this week and the return flight got in too late ...

  3. Yes quite a Corvallis turnout in Albania! Almost everyone rode - it was actually a very nice night for a ride. :mfclap:

    Had a safe & spirited ride home, no deer or performance awards. I tried to outrun R1 Jackal on Decker Road but was once again unsuccessful. I will be in trouble when he gets a clear visor for night riding. :shock:

    Blacksheep took names, notes, and photos so look for hopefully what will be a non-incriminating article about Albany Bike Night!
  4. Tried? I’ve never seen a Duc move so fast. You must be running with night vision! :ninja: :scared
  5. And what was up with all the Yellow/Red lights last night. Someone at ODOT needs to work on that! Or we need to change speed!
  6. Why? I thought that pass at N. Albany light was great, and the only way that I can get by R1Jackal.
  7. Bikes sounded great as you thundered by!
  8. I have some good news Ducatichick, there will be no incrimination. As luck (good or bad, depends on what side of the camera you are on) would have it, they are not going to run my article in the paper. However, it is posted on my blog, and when I get to the pictures, I will put some of them up at the same place. I am however going to do a write up about the game of photo tag! Maybe that will catch the editor's eye. If nothing else, there is always my examiner page!
  9. awww I got "first time attendee" ? crackup: hmm, not so much.
  10. Come on Erik, it's the media, so it must be true :secret:

    ...and don't even try to claim that to be you in pics in post #68 or your Scrambler in post #69 crackup:
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  11. Sorry about that. :banghead: I will blame it on the food. And that it was a really long day and my head wasn't really in the game so to speak. It is really hard to "work" when I was really wanting to just relax and hang out with other bikers. Since it was the first time that I had seen you, I think that should count for something right? I really am sorry. I am kinda glad that they aren't running it. Since there aren't that many people that read my blog (I only really have it for school) I will fix that. How long have you been attending?
  12. Hey Chris no worries man. I know refried beans and tortillas are known to be a leading cause of delirium. It is important to always know your limit.:evil4:

    Brad I shall claim nothing. It's all lies and slander!!
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  13. Hey Chris, did you ever post the photos you took at Albany Bike Night? didn't see them on your bloggie.

    see you this week at Corvallis Bike Night!
  14. los tequilas has really great food at a great price and there service is awsome
  15. I am definitly going to be at the next albany bike night wish i new about this site earlier
  16. Good to hear it! Next Albany Bike Night will be on 11-18-09. The third Wednesday of November, the 18th, so write it down! Rain or Shine I will ride the Red Sled in. JW
  17. Looking forward to Corvallis Bike Night in Albany... Come on Albany... we know you are out there... show us Corvallis people up by having more people there!!!:nana
  18. Are we meeting somewhere so we can roll deep?
  19. How about American Dream :evil4:
  20. Aaaaand I'll bet I'll be in Corvallis for this. Somehow, this counts :nana