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All my Track Day gear was stolen, any help keeping an eye out for the following items.

Discussion in 'Gear, Parts, & Accessories' started by Rusty123, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Two pair of insurrection gloves, one black and white, one red and white
    Two helmets, one bell star MIPS w/ sena attached, one scorpion or r2000 red and white
    One pilot, one piece, red white and blue
    One D air Musano jacket black with perfs and a Pair of black Dainese pants that zip in.
    Purple arc’teryx backpack Containing pocket knife, blue tooth speaker.

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  2. thats a bummer, i loved my pairs of insurrection gloves back in the day
  3. I ended up with the last three pair they had, all three were unique and was just getting the second of the two pair that I used broken in the day before. Love good local products!
  4. It's a bummer they had to shut down, Wade and Carrie were great folks, I've never found another glove that fit as well either.