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Always looking for more riders in T.C.

Discussion in 'Central' started by pigeon, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. Hey all. We are always looking for more riders to ride with. Long rides or short rides. A bunch of us have started a riding group we call "speedfreaks". Our first ride was to Leavenworth in June. We have just opened up a web site . It is still in the works but there is a little bit there to look at. Come on in and take a look.

  2. Where do you post information on when your up coming rides are?
  3. yes only sportbikes (sorry). We are looking for other sportbike riders in the area. There are times that we like to ride fast and do lots of twisties. We have nothing against other types of bikes it is that we just want sportbikes only.
  4. That part of the site hasn't been set up yet. The only big ride that I know of that is coming up is in September. It is a ride to the Oregon coast. It is on the web site. Just read the "ride with us" page for now.
  5. I checked out the site, looks like it's under construction. You should post up your rides on here so others can see them, that is if all are welcome to ride. Just make a thread with the day, time and meeting spot riders will show up if they can make it.

    Check out the Eastside section, there are rides going on every day just from people posting up rides they want to start or join up with.
  6. It is a new site, it was just started a couple of days ago.
  7. steve-O

    SF who? :scratchea
  8. just to let y'all know. I am no longer affiliated with speedfreaks. So, if you got a cruiser and want to ride I got no problem with that. Actually I never had a problem with them. It was a speedfreaks thing and they have their rides that are sportbike only. So anytime yer up for a ride, hit me up on here and we'll see if I am available to go.
  9. Me 2

    i dont care if you have a moped, Ill ride with ya.........and dont worry about the SF....they do their own thing, its no biggy i dont even care if youre a SF yourself.....ill ride with ya

  10. Hey not to start any trouble, but whats with all the speedfreaks bashing? Roy don't act like you don't know a bunch of us. I thought you guys were over this and had moved on.
  11. Very Nutural about the whole issue, but I have an opinion which means no harm. Sorry for any ill words. I'll keep it to myself and move on at this point. As stated "Any group of riders have the right to ride with JUST ONLY or mixed riders if any group wish's too". Point taken and issue is dropped. Let's Ride!

    Silver.................... :arrow:
  12. i dont see where there is any SF can bet i dont hold i said earlier, we were only trying to help but i guess we were least i speak for my self I cant speak for pigeon. i was really looking forward to that sept ride.....and we lost friendship cuz of a misunderstanding. but no matter amber, welcome to this beans said before " it belongs to the users "....I hope wheelieman can make up his mind when he is gonna talk to us least I hear he is a good know me, forgive and forget......... :nana

  13. And I speak for myself...I wish everyone could just get along. :rant Whatever , it dose not include me so what I say dosen't matter much. Maybe you boys will get it worked out before Sept. It's gunna be an awsome ride!!!!! :mrgreen: Just because a couple you don't get along dosen't mean speedfreaks as a whole are bad company..... 8) Thanks again for the welcome!
  14. Keep on truckin!...............Oppps I mean keep on Rideing! ..... :tard:
  15. The decision was wheelieman's. He blew it way out of wack. In stead of telling us he had a problem he beat around the bush. Do I hold a grudge? Well ..... I guess you could say yes. Told him that I didn't want it to ruin any friendships and he said it may be too late for that. So, once again it was his decision. I will nolonger ride with SF till I get an appology from him. This was all uncalled for and very 7th grade. Still waiting for Lance to get back to me on exactly what I said wrong.

  16. Well churtlegurl,

    there you go, but like I said before, we meant no harm..hope this gets resolved soon so we can all ride together.....and i went to your Web site and seen this" no immature idiots or harley riders please! " and I knew that was meant for pigeon and I....but hey, its all good in the hood...I know my limits and im sure pigeon does too, right big P? but here is the big ? for you, even if wheelieman dont join us for rides, r u gonna?

    steve-O :nana